Hairstyles That Hide That You Have Dirty Hair
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In isolation, when you do not need to go to work, and therefore do the styling, many simply believe that there is no need to wash your hair every day. And, if the owners of dry and normal hair have hair and daily head washing look decent, then those who have oily skin cannot hide their “sins”. Dry shampoo to help the lazy and these hairstyles that will save your reputation, say, if a zoom conference is coming up.

Laying on the side

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Suitable for owners of bob haircuts. Make a deep side parting on the side you like. Pull part of your hair behind your ear and secure with hairpins. On the other hand, apply a thermal spray, take a round brush and a hair dryer. Wind the strands on the brush, lifting them up and to the side to add volume. Instead of brushing, you can wind your hair on tongs.

Ballerina bun

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This hairstyle is often referred to as the “housewife bun” or “ballerinas in rehearsal.” It hides dirty hair well, because such a hairstyle is usually recommended to be done on a gel. With a dirty head, a texturizing spray is sufficient. First, spray it on the strands, collect the hair in a low ponytail, twist it into a boule around the ponytail, fix it with hairpins and barrettes.

petty imp

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Corrugated hairstyles are back in fashion. Such a small demon well delays the secretion of the sebaceous glands. An elastic curl simply will not allow fat to be distributed over the strand, but will hold it near the root zone. Therefore, by curling your hair or creating curls with the help of corrugation, you will keep your hair clean longer.

Smooth side braid

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If you have long hair, a wet hair side braid will save the day. Apply a texturizing spray, comb your hair to the side, braid with three strands, you can let out small strands on the sides and wind it on tongs.

two beams

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From the 90s, the popular hairstyle in the style of Japanese anime girls returned to us. It is ideal for dirty hair. Two bunches on loose hair will distract attention. Apply dry shampoo to the strands, make a parting and two ponytails on loose hair, secure with elastic bands. Twist the ponytails around the elastic, secure with hairpins.


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Accessories are also a good distraction. For example, a wide headband, ribbon or bandana tied around the head.


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