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Are you afraid that your corporate party will turn into a “pour and drink”? We are ready to help you. Firstly, we are for a healthy lifestyle, and “pour and drink” does not fit into the concept of a healthy lifestyle. Secondly, we are for a good mood. So here are ten fun party-at-work contests that are easy to organize.

It is worth preparing for the competition in advance. You will need three regular T-shirts. Choose size XL so that all employees can compete. T-shirts must first be soaked, wrung out, twisted, perhaps even tied into a knot and frozen in the freezer. So, to unfold the T-shirt was difficult.

Invite three participants. Explain that they will compete in putting on T-shirts for a while, whoever is faster wins. Now take out the props. It is allowed to warm clothes in any available way.

Colleagues should be divided into teams of three people. An unlimited number of teams can participate in the competition.

Two participants are blindfolded. One of them must tie ten ribbons on the third participant by touch. The other is to find them by touch and untie them. The first team to complete the challenge will be declared the winner.

Choose from three to six participants. A sign with the name of the place is attached to the back of each: metro, shop, bathhouse, maternity hospital – any names that you like. The facilitator asks the participants leading questions, and they answer them, not suspecting what place they have on the plate.

The questions are the same for everyone, but the answers can really amuse colleagues.

“Do you often go there?”, “What do you do there?”, “Why do you go there?”, “What do you feel when you return from there?”.

You will need eight participants. It would be better if there were equal numbers of men and women. Put them in order. The task, while the music is playing, is to kiss in turn on the cheek. The participant on whom the competition stops is eliminated. Now it is important to turn the music on and off correctly so that in the end there are two male participants. And in the end, give them plenty of “enjoy” kisses on each other’s cheeks. We do not know how the participants of the competition themselves, but the audience will definitely have fun.

Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

A sculptor from Greek mythology created his ivory Galatea and fell in love with it. Your employees will have balloons and tape in their arsenal. Spin around as much as you can, but in five to ten minutes you need to inflate, compose and mold the figure of a woman from the materials presented. The winner is determined by the audience, whoever applauded the most is the best. Sculptures can be left in the office to please employees with good memories on the first working day after the holidays.

Lay out the sheets on the floor track. The more confusing it is, the better. Blindfold the participants and send them on a journey through this maze. Colleagues should suggest where to go, which way to turn and how not to turn onto the “bad path”. This is where the corporate spirit will definitely manifest itself.

If you prepare in advance, you can create a maze of masking tape. It is easy to stick to the floor and just as easy to remove after the contest.

For this competition, the layout of the labyrinth is suitable. Contestants must assemble the largest caterpillar in the office. Some small object is clamped between the first and second participants, this is done without hands. The first couple goes on a journey through the maze. For each successful pass, one participant is added. The main task is not to drop what is sandwiched between the participants. The team that collects the largest caterpillar wins.


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