When it’s time to find or change jobs, many people don’t know where to start. The situation on the labor market is changing very quickly, today many qualified specialists are graduating, with whom it is difficult to compete. Therefore, it is important to approach the issue of a new place of work competently, taking into account all sorts of difficulties, in order to ultimately be satisfied with the result.

1. Weigh all the pros and cons. Think about how soon you want to find a job. It is necessary to decide on the timing, because it depends on how to respond to incoming proposals. Do I need to answer everyone or can I not be so demanding about the proposed vacancies.

2. Decide on the desired position. Clearly decide for yourself what place in the company you want to occupy and what you should do. If you do not know who you want to work for, this will affect the preparation of the resume, it will simply be taken lightly.

Also, if your profession allows you to work in related industries, then indicate all the options, this will make the search a little easier.

3. Answer the question about the desired salary. Think about how much you would like to receive, based on your expenses, opportunities and desires. If you need to make an expensive purchase, then indicate the requirements above, because with a small salary you will not be able to satisfy the need.


4. It is very important to prescribe for yourself a list of requirements for the place of work. The decision can be influenced not only by the type of salary (white / black / gray), but also by the location of the office, schedule and hours of work, the availability of a social package, whether the company paid vacation or not.

5.Today, there are many different job search channels. Try each one and decide which one suits you best. The place of the posted vacancies will differ from the type of your profession. Let’s talk about each channel in more detail.

1) Newspapers, advertisements on radio and local TV. It may seem that nothing good can be found in them, but many firms continue to use the media as a channel for distributing their vacancies. This channel is especially in demand among working specialties, so you should not bypass them.

2) Internet job search sites and job boards. The most popular in Russia are these sites:

When looking for a job on the Internet, it is important to constantly monitor new vacancies and respond quickly to them. Also, always be in touch so that the future employer can contact you without any problems.


3) Pay attention to bulletin boards in your city. Read flyers, banners and billboards.

4) When looking for a job, the human factor plays an important role. As they say, if there is a problem, just voice it and the solution will be found by itself. Ask your friends if they know where new employees are needed.

5) Do not discard the option of looking for a job on social networks. Facebook*, VKontakte or Instagram*, where there are thematic groups that post new vacancies, are gaining popularity every day. Employers increasingly began to post information on social networks, and not on specialized sites.

6) The next step is to write a competent resume. It is important to approach its preparation with all responsibility to the matter. It will not be enough just to read the first sample that comes up in the search. Do a little analysis, look at 10-20 ready-made resumes, compare them and choose for yourself unusual or, in your opinion, useful “chips” for yours. It is important here not to be afraid to point out your merits. Feel free to write what you know and can.

7) Deal with the fear of job interviews. If you are not sure that you will be able to pass it well, then ask relatives or friends to conduct a preparatory “home” interview with you. Make sample questions and practice answering them confidently. This is a great workout that will help you successfully pass a real interview with a future employer.


By Yara

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