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Owners of oily skin know that this feature of theirs has its pros and cons. For example, wrinkles on this type of skin appear later and less often and there is rarely a feeling of tightness, but getting rid of comedones and clogged pores even in adulthood is a real challenge. During the day, especially in the heat, makeup on oily skin inevitably begins to “swim” and blur. We figure out what to do to prevent this from happening.

First, you have to choose foundation based on water or based on non-greasy oils. They are lighter, blend well, do not clog pores and do not overload the skin. The hiding power usually does not suffer from this: if you choose the right tone, then it will not form a mask, and will mask all the imperfections that are characteristic of oily skin.

Weightless foundation in the texture of serum Skin Illusion, Clarins
Photo: Clarins

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Photo: Clarins

Secondly, the application technique matters. Better don’t use your fingers – under the influence of their heat, the skin can release even more sebum, which means that the tone will lie unevenly and quickly float. Better use a wide, flat and densely packed brush with elastic bristles. For example, one that appeared in the new Clarins brush collection.

Lightweight yet long-wearing All Day Luminous Foundation, NARS

before fixing the tone layer with powder, walk over the face with a matting napkin. A few dabbing movements will be enough. After that fix the makeup a light layer of translucent loose powder.


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