Our thoughts can create magic. What we often think about is what we attract into life. If we program our consciousness for positive, then soon we will see that luck has turned to face us. If, on the contrary, you walk in a constantly bad mood and think about the bad, then the black stripe will not take long. We must always remember that our thoughts can bring good luck, for this you just need not to let negative emotions take over us.

This does not mean at all that you need to say goodbye to your old friends and loved ones who are not very wealthy.

But you need to learn how to weed out negative and suffering people from yourself, who constantly blame everyone but themselves for their mistakes, and find a million reasons not to work.


A successful person, on the contrary, will only benefit you. He knows how to think rationally and can help with advice. And yet, such a person is surrounded by an aura of good luck and wealth.

That is, to be internally ready to notice the new, to perceive as much as possible what is happening around us. You must be alert and attentive, look for prospects in new acquaintances, direct energy in a certain direction.

Energy is primarily contained in your home. Therefore, it’s time to start improving the situation in the apartment so that it helps to attract good luck. Indoor plants are the best suited to ensure that luck and prosperity reigned in the house.

There are also special symbols that attract good luck to the house:

Aquarium with fish solve problems with finances, attract good luck and profit to the house. The fish must be golden.


Laughing God Hotei. The figurine of God symbolizes prosperity, luck and wealth. You just need to put it in the apartment and sometimes look at it with a smile. Such a talisman will surely bring luck and success to your home.

Ancestors believed that good luck can be attracted in several ways:

  • the table in the kitchen should never be empty. It must be covered with a tablecloth.
  • in every house there should be a “little brownie”. The figurine can be made with your own hands or purchased at the store. The talisman will protect your home and attract good luck and prosperity.
  • money tree attracts not only money, but also good luck.
  • a charm in the form of a horseshoe will help to find happiness.


By Yara

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