How to care for the skin of those who train in the gym
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Training in the gym increases stamina, makes the press relief, and cellulite is invisible, but at the same time brings a lot of skin problems. Fitness girls who go to the gym at least 2-3 times a week complain about pimples on their bodies, skin peeling and other problems that sports brought to them. Solving them is simple, the main thing is to properly care for the skin before, during and after training.

What to do before training

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Before training, the skin must be prepared. Since you will lose moisture in the process, apply a moisturizer with hyaluronic acid, after cleansing the dermis with a toner.

1. Bubble mask Instamud Glamglow. 2. Gel-serum MINERAL 89 Vichy. 3. Face cream moisturizing cosmetics with ENDEMIX Siberian Welness complex. 4. GLACIAR HYDRATION Summe Cosmetics Glacier Water Moisturizer. 5. Rich cream “Intensive Hydration 48h” Yves Rocher.

“Use products with a light texture, set aside nutrients with oils, they are the ones that clog pores the most. It is important that the pores breathe during training, otherwise inflammatory elements may appear, ”advises Maria Chamurlieva, Ph.D., cosmetologist, dermatovenereologist at TORI Aesthetic Medicine Clinic.

Before training, you can apply a cellulite remedy to problem areas. With the acceleration of blood circulation, the components will work more efficiently, will pass into the deeper layers of the skin.

1. Anti-cellulite Cryoform Eisenberg. 2. Shower gel “Cranberry” Mi&Ko. 3. Cleansing gel for face and body CeraVe. 4. Firming Body Cream Fitness Firming Botavikos. 5. Shower gel-scrub Raspberry mint Plu.

Just do not wrap your hips or stomach with cling film, as advised on the forums. This can create a greenhouse effect, like in a sauna, which is fraught with the appearance of tachycardia and increased pressure.

1. Vitamin C peeling with Doctor’s Advice biorevitalization effect. 2. Gel with Aravia acids. 3. Mattifying lotion for narrowing the pores “Bamboo” Erborian. 4. Exfoliating tonic that gives radiance Eveline. 5. Stellary ultra-soft peeling lotion.

For training, it is also worth choosing clothes carefully. Give preference to sports kits. They are created on the basis of special synthetics, which allows the skin to breathe. Ordinary cotton clothes do not allow sweat and oxygen to pass through, which can then cause inflammation on the back and stomach.

What to do during a workout

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Contrary to stereotypes, you should not douse yourself with thermal water during a workout. This will make your skin worse.

“Thermal water, by moisturizing the surface of the skin, allows it to lose moisture faster, so do not use it during a workout,” Maria says.

Better do not forget to take a bottle of water with you, drink it small smooth in between sets. So you moisturize the skin from the outside and from the inside.

Don’t forget to take two towels – you will lay one on the machines where your face and body are in direct contact with the surface. Yes, in the halls now they are often wiped, but still it is better to play it safe. Not all visitors are clean, a towel will allow you not to come into contact with drops of someone else’s sweat and epithelium, which can cause inflammation. Use a second towel to blot drops of sweat on your body and face. Important – do not rub, namely get wet.

What to do after a workout

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To avoid rashes on the body and face, be sure to take a shower after training.

1. Shower gel with the scent of fig leaves Wonder Fig Clarins. 2. Gel-shampoo with Mixit energy complex. 3. Shower oil fitness model Phytocosmetics. 4. Algae shower gel ILONA LUNDEN. 5. Atoderm Bioderma shower oil.

1. Gel for problematic skin essentials by Artistry. 2. Clean Queen Organic Kitchen Cleansing Mousse. 3. Antibacterial shower gel ClearaSept. 4. Effaclar La Roche-Posay Micro Exfoliating Cleansing Gel for Face and Body. 5. Hyaluronic Aloe Foam Gel Skin Naturals Garnier.

“You need to take acid-based gels and a washcloth with you to training. Pay special attention to the back area. On the back, the skin is dense with enlarged pores, if it is poorly cleaned, inflammatory elements may occur. Once a week, use a gel with exfoliating particles or gommage. After cleansing, apply a body cream according to your skin type, preferably not nourishing, but moisturizing, ”recommends Maria.

1. Aloe Everyday Peeling Gel DEARBOO. 2. Acti-peeling regenerating AG20 Laboratoires Lysedia. 3. Spiral SVR intensive cleansing gel.


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