A creative haircut and fashionable coloring is not a guarantee of a successful image. Healthy scalp is a guarantee of beautiful hair that will lie well after styling and not fall out.

The scalp needs to be taken care of just like the face. She also needs peelings, masks and other means. True, you need to use each to solve certain problems.


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The problem of dandruff, those same white scabs that settle on clothes, is caused by improper overly active work of the sebaceous glands (sebum clogs pores) or an infectious fungus.

To solve these problems, there are various means in the form of masks, peels, shampoos charged with zinc, menthol, climbazole, ketoconazole. They relieve sensations of tightness and itching, kill bacteria, help exfoliate the skin well, renew the stratum corneum.

It is better to use such products under the supervision of a trichologist, usually a rehabilitation course takes from two weeks to a month.

Hair loss

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The process of loss is stimulated by various factors – from hormonal changes to stress. To stop leaf fall, use products that contain aminoxyl or minoxidil. An alternative would be products rich in biotene. Cosmetics charged with plant extracts, such as rosemary, also do an excellent job with hair loss.

Look for additional artillery in the composition of the funds, which works well in collaboration with the main army – keratin, vitamins, amino acids.

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1. Peeling for deep cleansing of the scalp Anna Gale. 2. DS Uriage Gentle Balancing Shampoo. 3. Natura Siberica scalp peeling. 4. Hair loss serum Ciel. 5. Three-component complex of masks “Hair Resuscitation” Double Dare OMG!

Remedies for falling out exist in different forms – shampoos, serums, lotions, capsules. You can choose the shape you like best.

The course of procedures can take up to 8 weeks. Read the package carefully for instructions on how to use the product.

Dryness and flaking of the skin


It happens that the scalp dries, itches, flakes, but this is not dandruff. This condition is called scalp sensitivity. It occurs against the background of frequent lightening or styling, when the protective layer of the dermis is damaged and pathogenic flora penetrates from the outside. Adding fuel to the fire is frequent shampooing with sulfates, plus styling and blow-drying.

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1. Shampoo for sensitive scalp Invigo Senso Calm Wella Professionals. 2. RAW Scalp Care Biolage scalp rebalancing oil. 3. Refreshing foam for the scalp “Milky Way” DEMI Professional. 4. Shampoo-bath Dermo-Calm for sensitive scalp and normal hair Kerastase.

While you have such a condition of the scalp, switch to sulfate-free headwash products, add products to the menu (masks, oils, serums for the scalp) that soothe, increase the armor of the dermis, relieve itching and redness. As part of such products there are oils of lavender, ylang-ylang, jojoba, almond, chamomile. Use the products until the balance in the scalp is restored.

Increased greasiness of hair

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If you observe that the hair does not lie well after styling, and literally by the evening they become like icicles, it means that a shell has grown on the scalp. It was formed from dead cells, sebum, the remnants of styling products that the shampoo is not able to completely wash off.

In such a situation, you need to do a special peeling for the scalp, as in the case of the face, twice a week. As part of such scrubs there are exfoliating and deep-cleansing components – salicylic acid, abrasives in the form of ground seeds (grapes, apricots) or sea salt.

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1. Dercos VICHY Micro Peel 3-in-1 Shampoo. 2. Delicately cleansing shampoo for the scalp “Acid Rain” R + Co. 3. Cleansing scalp scrub with moringa extract Yves Rocher. 4. Bio-peeling for the scalp Root & Follicile Stimulating Balm Kerarganic. 5. Enzymatic peeling shampoo for the scalp Ilona Lunden.

These products are often presented in the form of shampoos. It is necessary to apply peeling along the partings before washing, lightly moisten with water, lather, massage the scalp, then rinse, then use regular shampoo and conditioner.

Peeling quickly clears the scalp of debris, it adds shine to the hair, stimulates its growth and facilitates the styling process.


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