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Let’s start with the main thing – with the habits of the symbol of the year! The White Bull treats the family with honor and respect. Therefore, it is better to celebrate the New Year in the family circle. The closest friends who have become family people over the years are also allowed.

Due to the commitment to family gatherings, the host of the coming year recommends celebrating the holiday at home as well.

But at the same time, you can stay in the old outfit – the Bull is not pretentious, he will calmly react to the fact that he will be met without new clothes.

The owner of the year suggests that gray and white are the main colors in the wardrobe. In addition to them, you can take shades of champagne, ivory, milky or silver. And if you don’t want to wear clothes of such colors at all, then you can purchase accessories of these shades.

Celebrating the New Year 2021 follows, observing the old traditions. Prepare traditional New Year’s salads on the table – Russian salad, herring under a fur coat, crab salad. From hot, boiled potatoes with meat are an excellent option.

We send you holiday ideas. The main thing is to remember: miracles must be done with your own hands!

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For example, something that has never been tried before. Make cheese fondue or chocolate-covered tangerine slices. Or a whole hearty German table – with schnapps, sausages, stewed cabbage and potato salad. And how do you like the idea with all kinds of snacks in the Spanish style – with olives, cheese, bacon (jamon), chicken, seafood, fruits? Change boring traditions, and even better, create your own, family ones, try new things, do not be afraid to be different from everyone else!

Ordinary soap bubbles are very beautifully blown out in the cold, covered with an intricate ice pattern. Prepare soapy water in advance by adding a little glycerin to it. Take cocktail straws and try to blow bubbles so that they don’t burst in the cold. Some dexterity is required here. But after two or three unsuccessful attempts, everything will work out for you.

Drag all the blankets and pillows into the living room and set up camp! Remember how you went camping in 5th grade? Watch your favorite New Year’s movies, play board games, and let the kids try something that was previously forbidden in your family: fast food, carbonated colored drinks and other “sweets”.

Instead of watching for the hundredth time on TV how Zhenya Lukashin from The Irony of Fate laughs with friends in the bathhouse, gather a cheerful company and go to the steam room yourself. New Year in a bathhouse or sauna is an undeniably non-standard holiday that everyone will remember. New impressions and a sense of bodily renewal are guaranteed!

Good news: you don’t have to pick up a festive outfit, the dress code in this democratic place is always the same. The employees of the establishment will take care of creating the New Year’s mood themselves: they will decorate the room with a Christmas tree and related attributes, as well as relieve you of the need to stand at the stove.

However, a bath can also be a country bath, then you can combine business with pleasure – meeting the New Year at the festive table and continuing the fun in the steam room. Just please do not forget that a bath and large doses of alcohol are incompatible things. Believe me, the steam room will do its job on its own – it will charge you with vivacity and fun and help you start the new year with a clean slate.

The celebration of the New Year does not have to be planned “on the spot” – you can meet it on the move, for example, on board an airplane. If you set yourself the goal of celebrating differently than everyone else, this is the most appropriate way. Even on such a significant night, air transport continues to make scheduled flights, but they are much more fun. Don’t believe? Then buy a ticket for the evening of December 31 and check for yourself.

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Of course, the crew will not allow you to arrange a grand feast on board, but it will provide you with a good mood. At magical midnight, passengers are often offered champagne, fruits and sweets, and employees dress up as Santa Claus and Snow Maidens and congratulate the guests of the aircraft.

And also this amazing feeling of unity with absolutely strangers who suddenly, for some unknown reason, become so close and dear! All together you will shout a loud cheer at midnight, congratulate each other and admire the land colored with fireworks from the windows of the portholes. And let in a few hours you get up from your chairs and go about your business, but this moment will forever remain in your memory. Holiday unites!

A more mundane, but no less original version is a holiday in nature, the idea of ​​​​which is perfect for a large friendly company. Of course, you can always take the easy route and go to someone’s dacha—nature can be found there too. But we are not like that, we are adventurers with burning eyes. Therefore, find a cozy place near the city.

You can go to the forest or to the river bank – a starry night in the open air, bright sparks of a fire will fill the surrounding space with mystery and a quivering premonition of bright changes. Just scout the situation in advance, check the availability of the place, and also inform all participants in the celebration the exact coordinates of the unusual celebration.

A walk through the city, festively dressed in tinsel and smiles, can restore a good mood and inspire. In addition, you will have time to think about the mistakes of the past year and make a plan for the future. And who knows, perhaps magical adventures await you along the way. After all, New Year’s Eve is magical!

So it’s time to change the bathrobe and sportswear with slippers for an evening dress, suit and shoes. Even if you decide to spend this New Year at home, this is not a reason to deny yourself the pleasure of showing off and appearing in front of your partner in the best possible way. Without Olivier and tangerines, of course, it is already difficult to imagine the New Year, but they do not add romance to the holiday. Why not limit yourself to wine, light snacks and one gourmet meat dish? And it is better not to stand at the stove on this special evening and order food from the restaurant. Just do it in advance, otherwise you risk waiting until next year.

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Down with formal suits and tables. Climb into bed with pre-bought treats and watch Christmas movies and lights all night long!

Just imagine: the smell of cinnamon, tangerines, the muffled and flickering light of candles, a bubble bath … You can organize such a festive evening. The intimate atmosphere of the celebration will for a long time emerge in the imagination of a loved one with a desire to repeat. By the way, on New Year’s Eve you can give not only gifts, but also pleasant sensations. For example, a long and sensual massage. Prepare massage oil or cream and essential oils in advance to enhance the sensations.

Celebrating the New Year in the park is also very romantic. You can take a folding table, chairs, mulled wine in a thermos, champagne, tangerines, candles and lanterns with you and go to the park half an hour before the New Year. There, among the trees and the light of lanterns, you will feel like in a snowy fairy tale.

Environment is not important here. Just think of a wish list that your partner can fulfill right here and now. Better yet, prepare them, print them out or write them on pieces of paper – and put them in your holiday bag. Remember how in the game with phantoms? Take turns getting desires and fulfill them.

Another incredibly romantic place. On the roof you can lay a festive table, decorate everything around and have a big party, or you can just go up to the roof with glasses 10 minutes before the New Year and spend the last moments of the outgoing year there. It is so magical to see hundreds of lights burning in the windows at the same time, and to understand that in each of them a holiday is celebrated at that moment.

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It is better to prepare for the meeting of 2021 with the whole family. Assign roles – let the children make holiday crafts for decoration, and adults will decorate the house and cook for the table. “Horned” will definitely approve of this approach. Preparation should take place in a friendly environment.

If your children are still too young to wait until midnight for the New Year, then find a country that has a tradition of celebrating the arrival of the New Year early. Solemnly beat the moment of the countdown, and at twelve strokes offer them a fizzy cider or colorful juice. For example, following the Greek tradition, you can cut the Vasilopita New Year’s cake at midnight. When this cake is baked, they hide a coin inside. And the one who gets a piece with a coin will definitely be happy in the New Year! This coin will bring him fabulous luck! In the same way, you can test the effect of Spanish traditions, eat Japanese sushi and play the Chinese tea ceremony.

Instead (or together) with New Year’s toys, hang notes on the tree with predictions for the next year. Promise each other a good job, love, an apartment and a summer house, mutual understanding, high marks in school, victory in a boxing tournament, and anything! Everything you dream of and strive for! And at midnight, take off one of the notes and read your New Year’s prediction. Will it come true? You have a great opportunity to check it out!

Monopoly or cards, loto or bingo – every family has their favorite games. Arrange a battle on New Year’s Eve! After all, usually on weekdays there is not enough time for such things.

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Do you think you can celebrate the New Year only in a friendly company? By no means! A lot of people have already tried celebrating the New Year alone and note that with the right approach, a very inspiring story can turn out!

Remember the best moments of the past year and choose the most interesting photos. Make them in the form of a collage on whatman paper or a photo presentation. More advanced ones can mount a video from photos that replace each other and apply background music.

Accumulate your creative energy on New Year’s Eve! Engage in New Year, Christmas, cute crafts. Make snowmen and bunnies, make a gingerbread house and a sweater for Santa, make garlands and cards. All this can be given to friends or decorate your own home.

Weather permitting, go outside at midnight! Watch fireworks, go sledding, play snowballs.

There are a lot of ways: bake Chinese fortune cookies, tell fortunes on cards, on coffee grounds, on wax. You can take the signs of fate both seriously and frivolously. The main thing is to interpret them in a positive way and hope for the best.

Professional artists are, of course, good, but it’s much more fun to work as a New Year’s magician yourself. Props can be bought at a carnival costume store or rented, and loyal spectators can be found among the children of neighbors or friends.

Even if you don’t know who all these people who live on the same landing with you are, the New Year is a good reason to find out. Prepare small gifts like fruits and chocolates and go to give joy without leaving the entrance. So you will please others, and you yourself will receive a pleasant surprise in return.

On New Year’s Eve, the skating rink turns into a noisy and cheerful holiday. A Christmas tree, music, lights and decorations – such splendor is unlikely to be created at home. You won’t get bored at the skating rink, and there will be a lot of people around from whom you can recharge your New Year’s mood.

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Stop looking at someone else’s pyrotechnic fun, lighting firecrackers yourself and launching fireworks is much more interesting. In addition, this is a good reason to break away from the New Year’s table and go outside to unwind.

Write a short letter about what you have achieved in the past year and what plans you are building for the future. Put it in a box along with a couple of small things, throw it away and don’t open it until next New Year. It will be interesting then to compare their expectations and reality.

Meeting the New Year alone has another advantage: you can sing, dance and not be afraid that someone will see and criticize. Turn on the music, search the internet for words, and sing to your heart’s content. If you don’t want to sing, have a movie marathon in pajamas and popcorn. Get some rest at last.

On New Year’s Eve, online stores often try to get rid of gifts that no one will need after the holiday. And this is a chance to get a big discount and please yourself if you no longer believe in surprises from Santa Claus.

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Arrange a real cleaning right on New Year’s Eve. Yes, don’t be surprised. This is exactly what the residents of Edinburgh do, for example. Throw away everything unnecessary from the house on New Year’s Eve. You can turn this seemingly boring activity into a real quest.

As a child, we were waiting for gifts from Santa Claus, and now we have grown up and we can work miracles ourselves, because it is not at all difficult! Dedicate a few days of the New Year holidays to organizing a real holiday for those who need it most. You will always be welcome in orphanages and hospitals, where you can bring various toys and construction sets, stationery and coloring books. Some charitable foundations, such as “Spring in the Heart”, collect gifts according to the wish list from specific orphans. If you get on well with the kids, offer your help in organizing the New Year’s holiday, perhaps even in the guise of a Snow Maiden or Santa Claus.


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