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I have always had a “polygamous relationship” with fragrances. I don’t understand how one can be picky in perfume relationships, if almost every month the concerns that produce perfumes present interesting “candidates” for a hand and a heart. I’ve had fragrances for two hours, one night, ones that I came back to after a week, a month, ones that I left forever, but there was never a single one.

I don’t understand girls who have a strong relationship with one fragrance for life. Aroma experts agree with me. They argue that every girl in the collection should have at least five perfumes for any occasion.

In fact, perfume is an invisible perfume clothing that complements the image. So, you should have an aroma suit for business meetings, a perfume dress for dates and a “playful combination” for a hot night. Let’s figure out how to create the perfect perfume wardrobe for yourself.

Fragrances for the office

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I worked in one project where we had an open-space office. This is an open space, divided into zones, in which everyone, in fact, sits in one big crowd.

Among the staff there was one lover of sultry selective fragrances, especially those with leather, oud, wood and burnt sugar. During the day, he very often updated his “fragrant impressions”, which reached all the employees of the office. His perfumes were so vigorous that allergy sufferers had tears and coughs, and even the healthiest guys could not withstand such a fragrant load, and went outside to breathe.

In the end, we could not stand it with the whole crowd, and asked the young man not to use this perfume in the office anymore.

Hence the conclusion, so that colleagues do not pour curses after you, fragrances for the office should be selected not only based on your taste, but also the preferences of the crowd. Ideally, perfumes should be light, creating a kind of white noise. These are aquatic fragrances that mimic the smell of the sea. They consist of notes of sea salt, green foliage, citrus fruits.

Lovers of floral bouquets, do not pass by perfumes in which lavender plays the leading role. Aroma experts say that this note relieves stress, defuses the situation and even helps to win the trust of others. So pay attention to perfumes with lavender if you need to join a new team.

For berry flavors, especially with the sourness of raspberry or strawberry, the green light is also on.

But perfumes are persona non grata, in which notes of vanilla, amber, oud, leather, and jasmine play a leading role. Experts recognize these components as the most allergic, capable of causing headaches.

Photo: Avon, BVLGARI

1. Perfume water Avon Cherish. 2. Aroma of Magnolia Sensuel Splendida BVLGARI.

Fragrances for a business meeting

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A business meeting, presentations or negotiations are events where it is important that the public listens and hears what you say. Here it is not enough to master the techniques of oratory. It is important to choose the right business and perfume suit.

Notes of coffee, citrus, lavender will help to win the trust and sympathy of colleagues and partners. By the way, if you are going to ask for a vacation or promotion from your boss, it will not be superfluous to plunge into the flair of the chords listed above.

Photo: Emanuel Ungaro, Chabaud, Demeter

1. The scent of Orangerie Musicale Chabaud. 2. Fruit d’Amour Emanuel Ungaro. 3. Al Udaid fragrance from the Treasures of Qatar Demeter collection (for Qatar National Day).

Party scents

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If you want to be the center of attention at the party, choose fragrances that uplift your mood. These are perfumes, in which the main role is played by notes of citrus fruits (mandarin, orange, lemon, bergamon, grapefruit), caramel, chocolate.

Agree, the listed chords evoke a sense of celebration (from the New Year to a birthday) and children’s delight in everyone.

Photo: Acqua Colonia 4711, Etro, Dior

1. Red Orange and Basil cologne Acqua Colonia 4711. 2. Eau de Parfum Musk Etro. 3. J’adore Absolu Dior fragrance.

Fragrances for a romantic date

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On a romantic date, especially on the first one, your image should evoke in a man a feeling of tenderness bordering on excitement. Aromas with notes of gardenia, freesia, iris, rose and rose petals, with the sourness of orange blossom will help to become a desirable prey object for him. They cheer you up, win you over, seduce you, and help you keep your distance.

Photo: Kenzo, Moschino, Avon

1. Fragrance World EDT Kenzo. 2. Light Clouds Moschino fragrance. 3. Eau de toilette Little black dress Party Avon.

Fragrances for a passionate night

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Your image for a night of love should seduce and excite. Put on your playful lingerie and immerse yourself in a veil of aromas that increase sexual desire and degree of arousal, which, by the way, will help prolong the pleasure, allowing you to reach the finish line first.

These perfumes are sold in regular cosmetic stores, not in sex shops. Contrary to popular belief, experts recognize classic perfume notes as pheromones. Among them are vanilla, spices (for example, cinnamon), musk, patchouli, amber, jasmine, sandalwood, tuberose. They cause a rush of blood to the genitals, increase arousal.

Photo: Demeter, Eisenberg, Mary Kay

one. Fragrance “Pure Musk” Demeter. 2. Secret Vi Cuir D’Orient Les Orientaux Latins Eisenberg. 3. Eau de Parfum Live Fearlessly Mary Kay.


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