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Houses grow on the site of former industrial zones, old five-story buildings, garage complexes. How to choose a home among all this variety of new buildings? Buying real estate is serious business. Here it is necessary to take into account several important factors at once – we will talk about them today.


First of all, you need to decide where exactly you want to live. Someone loves the center, someone loves the business city, someone is closer to green sleeping areas, someone does not want to go far from their parents … The reasons that influence the choice of a place of residence can be very different. However, statistics show that today Muscovites, along with the availability of public transport (proximity to the metro, MCD) and the infrastructure of the area, pay attention to its ecology. Surveys show that for more than 60% of the residents of the metropolis, it is important to have forest parks in the immediate vicinity of their homes. If the green array is visible from the window, this automatically increases the status, and, as a rule, the cost of the apartment.


Match Point quarter on Kutuzovsky Prospekt

After you have decided on the place of residence, you need to study proposals for new buildings, but first of all, you need to choose the developer himself. To do this, you should check it. And it is quite possible to do it yourself.

First of all, you need to pay attention to the site of the project at home. It should contain a visual of the future residential complex, the layout of apartments or apartments. A good developer on the site of the house must contain official information about the developer company, scans of the main documents, a project declaration with all changes during the course of construction, data on the development itself, preferably with photos and videos, as well as current contacts for communication.

By the way, do not worry if you do not find the exact prices, there is only an offer to contact the manager or request a call back. Only a consultant will help you find out which apartments are for sale and how much they cost, taking into account all the promotions and special offers of the company.

Also, a big advantage of the developer will be the availability of such a popular financial instrument as a mortgage. If a real estate website offers a loan from one of the country’s major banks to buy an apartment, this means that the credit organization has already checked the developer, trusts him and is not afraid to provide project financing.

By the way, the best option for making a deal is the purchase of primary housing at the final stage of construction or in a house already put into operation. So you get a completely new apartment built using modern technologies, but do not take risks by investing in construction at its initial stage.

What is the house made of?

Panel or monolith? This question worries everyone who is thinking about buying a new home.

Panel houses are by far the most budgetary option for new buildings. But the low price is due to a number of weaknesses: the joints of houses are prone to erosion, sound and heat insulation is often of poor quality, layouts, as a rule, have lost their relevance, and the location of inexpensive housing is often very inconvenient.

The most modern material for the construction of residential and non-residential buildings today is a monolith. The building frame, walls and main ceilings are cast from concrete. All this forms a single seamless and very reliable design. The service life of the monolith is more than 150 years. He is not afraid of moisture, wind, or even earthquakes. It turns out that the combination of price and quality is optimal, therefore, for a comfortable and quiet life for many years, it is best to choose a monolith.


The reliability of a home is an essential, but far from the only factor influencing the choice of housing in a metropolis. After all, you want to live not only in a strong, but also in a beautiful building. And it is very important that the aesthetic preferences of the developer and the client coincide. In the 90s and “zero” developers literally flooded the territory of Moscow with objects of various styles. At that time, fanciful multi-level palaces, and uncomfortable housing made of glass and concrete, and houses, as if created for children’s amusement parks, appeared in the capital. Today, much more serious requirements are applied to the appearance of residential complexes. Large developers are thinking about how the architecture of the project would be organic both for the city as a whole and for a separate area in which the new complex will be located.

So, for example, the Match Point quarter on Kutuzovsky Prospekt, owned by the Hals-Development Group of Companies, looks very modern, while the sky-high light buildings fit perfectly into the elite district of the famous Stalinist Empire style. The lower floors of Match Point are lined with natural granite, the upper floors are finished with beige and gray steel panels, which successfully resonates with the colors of the legendary Stalinist skyscrapers. The house consists of four sections of different floors, forming a single architectural ensemble. This is how a new interpretation of one of the most sought-after architectural styles of Soviet Moscow looks like, which, in fact, is the face of the capital even now.

By the way, nowadays the interior of entrances in a new building is also important; in terms of interior decoration, they are often not inferior to sometimes expensive hotels and are called entrance groups. In “Match Point” the decoration of public spaces is made according to the author’s project using glass, wood, porcelain stoneware of noble shades, as well as elegant elements of wall decor. Residents of the house are greeted by a reception desk made of natural wood, upholstered furniture is located in the halls, decorative compositions adorn the walls, unobtrusive music plays for guests. All these details generally improve mood, regardless of the time of year and day.


It is very difficult to choose the ideal apartment “for yourself”, even if it is a new building without finishing, which can be planned taking into account all the wishes of the owners. Apartments in the Match Point quarter have not only modern layouts, but also incredible views, because this project is the high-rise dominant of the Filevsky Park area. And if you choose apartments on the upper floors of the house, then as a bonus you will get a panoramic view of Moscow City, Kutuzovsky Prospekt and the majestic Victory Park. With areas from 35 to 180 sq. m and ceilings of almost 4 meters there is where to embody the brightest design ideas! And for those who are looking for inspiration, the developer will help configure the living space, offering up to 9 options for the layout possible in each particular apartment.

A huge plus of Match Point is that the quarter has already been fully built, so you can safely conclude a sale and purchase agreement and immediately begin to implement the design project of your new home.



A healthy lifestyle is a constant of any modern successful person. Therefore, in high-quality new houses there are places for walking and playing sports – and this is also worth paying attention to when choosing housing.

So, in “Match Point” they made a workout zone with a treadmill for almost 200 meters and exercise equipment. The pride of the project is a separate sports arena, which is a training base for Dynamo volleyball. It opens up unlimited opportunities for residents of the complex who are passionate about sports – both children and adults: more than 10 circles and sections function on the basis of the arena.

Children, by the way, can walk in the courtyard of the house all alone. The territory of the quarter is closed, the entrance is by passes. Cars do not drive around the courtyard, there is an impressive underground parking for them.

Home: house or home?

In English, the concept of home is shared. There is “house” – this is a house like a building, and there is “home” – the place where I live. Not a point on the map, but rather a “place of power”. Remember the expression “Home, sweet home!”? This is what the heroes of foreign films often say when they come home from work or return from a trip.

Psychologists believe that it is very important to catch just such a feeling when choosing real estate. To do this, you need to enter “your” apartment and understand your state in it. It doesn’t matter if you are in a 30 sq. m or in view apartments over 100 sq. m on the upper floors. It is important to feel at home. Match Point gives you exactly that feeling.

Partner material. Photos provided by the Hals-Development Group of Companies


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