This Korean invention has been assimilated on our dressing tables for a long time. There are many advantages to sheet masks: in just a few minutes they solve a bunch of problems – from a dull complexion to the elimination of fine wrinkles. In addition, masks work faster than conventional products, their components penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin due to the warm effect of the base itself.

Now fabric masks have appeared literally from everything and for everything, in stores even separate corners are allocated for these products. Here, many, as in the grocery store, choose masks for themselves according to the principle of which packaging is more interesting or the method of use is more unusual.

Experts say that when buying patch masks, you should not chase new products, you need to carefully study the composition, and when buying, focus on your skin type and related problems. How to do it, she told us Yulia Popova, cosmetologist at the MediSPA1 medical center.

Sheet masks for oily skin


In oily skin, the sebaceous glands are active. A lot of sebum is released on the surface during periods of hormonal exacerbations (even in banal PMS) or other problems. It mixes with dead skin particles, toxins, and clogs pores. As a result, black dots form and inflammation may occur.. For oily skin, there are as many as four options for sheet masks that will help in different situations.

from black dots.
They are patches in shape resembling a T-zone (there are for the forehead, nose, chin). These masks contain charcoal, fruit acids and special ingredients that draw dirt out of the pores. Patches are applied to cleansed, damp skin, stand for time and removed. On the reverse side you will see sebaceous plugs.

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For narrowing pores and cleansing the face. To cleanse the skin of sebum and dead skin, and at the same time narrow the pores, use a sheet clay mask. This hybrid has already been appreciated by aesthetes. The sheet mask is already saturated with clay, so you won’t get your hands dirty when you apply it, and when you wash it off, the clay won’t smear on your face. In addition to clay, fruit or salicylic acids, vitamin C, tea tree extract are added to the composition, which in combination fight bacteria, including acne. As a result, you are provided with clean, matte skin.

Soft peeling. Bubble masks are another category for skin cleansing. These are fabric masks impregnated with fruit acids, carbon and CO2, so when distributed on the face, under the influence of oxygen, they foam. It turns out such a soft peeling for the face, and the sensation is not tingling, but a pleasant tickling. After a certain period of time, the mask must be washed off, and your skin will be like a baby’s bottom.

1. Pure essence mask sheet charcoal Holika Holika. 2. Mask for cleansing the skin Bubble Mask Eveline. 3. Garnier fresh mix sheet mask with vitamin C concentrate. 4. Festival Ninelle Tea Tree Leaves Deep Cleansing Facial Mask. 5. Pore Care Mask I’m sorry for my skin.

From inflammation. If rashes have already appeared on the face, use masks that dry them out and kill bacteria in the bud. Look for salicylic acid, zinc oxide, essential oils, tea tree oil, calendula, horsetail, aloe, string extracts in the patches.

Sheet masks for dry skin

Awakening the skin
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Dry skin is very demanding. She is thirsty all the time, and in cold weather begins to suffer from peeling and irritation. You need masks that work like protective screens and emergency services rolled into one. Hyaluronic acid, aloe juice, cucumber extract, lactic acid, chamomile extract, thermal water, vitamin B3 are responsible for restoration, nutrition, and hydration in such masks.

1. Sheet mask instant radiance “White Queen” L’Occitane. 2. Moisturizing two-phase bear mask OOZOO. 3. Sally’s Box Ceramide Hydrogel Mask. 4. Express radiance mask for all skin types Magic PRO RADIANCE MASK ARAVIA Professional. 5. Mask Hydro Cool Brightening Face Mask Skyn ​​Iceland.

1. Hydra-Filler Mask FILORGA. 2. Biocellulose mask antiage Mary Kay. 3. GlamGlow Coolsheet No-drip Hydrating Mask. 4. Face mask moisturizing Face Mask Pink Lulun.

Sheet masks for sensitive skin

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Sensitive skin is not a type, but a condition in which the protective layer of the epidermis is damaged. Such a dermis suffers from redness, irritation, because it is subject to attacks from the outside. For her, you need to look for masks with active security guards that will protect her from attacks from the external environment. The composition of such masks most often contains hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, chamomile extract, calendula, shea butter, allantoin, panthenol, bisabolol, green tea extract.

Sheet masks for age-related changes

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If you have small and deep wrinkles, and not just fatigue creases, use heavy artillery. Here you will be rescued not by fabric, but by hydrogel-based masks. They consist of natural polymers (carrageenan).

1. Serum mask with argan oil and gold for skin elasticity Japan Gals. 2. Sheet mask “Energy and radiance” Black pearl. 3. Hydrogel mask with Blue Mixit collagen.

Unlike tissue, hydrogel contains more active ingredients in high concentration. Plus, the base itself has the best covering ability, literally merging with the skin, creating an active greenhouse effect, thanks to which the components better penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin.

1. Hydrogel face mask with ginseng SKIN NEEDS L’Etoile. 2. Glow Erborian sheet mask. 3. Natural Lifting Therapy Mask Beautytreats Sesderma.

Hydrogel masks come with different fillings, from age-related problems, look for products with collagen, coenzyme Q10, peptides, antioxidants, vitamins.

How often can sheet masks be used?

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Face masks are an important part of care, but they do not cancel the use of creams, serums and cannot replace them. Express funds can not be used every day, a maximum of 2-3 times a week. After that, be sure to apply your usual cream.

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