In order to fill an apartment or house with comfort, you need to choose candles that will look harmonious in the interior.

First of all, you need to focus on the style of your interior. The goals you are pursuing are also important. So, for a harmonious interior in a classic living room, white candles in metal candlesticks are suitable. If your interior is modern, products painted in steel tones are well suited.

For a holiday or meeting guests, you can choose extraordinary solutions, experiment with candle shapes and colors, decorate a festive table or shelves with these products in accordance with the theme of the evening.

For the kitchen, bright shades made in the form of berries, flowers or fruits, or ordinary colored table candles, are perfect.

With candles, you can decorate anything you want, make the right accent and envelop any place in your home with warmth.


If your living room has a fireplace, this would be a good place to decorate with candles. If it’s not there, no big deal. There are many minimalistic and extraordinary designer candle holders that can be matched to any interior and make the living room atmosphere warm and comfortable.

You can use decorative lanterns that are designed for tea and decorative candles.

You can also work on the contrast, if your living room is made in calm, pastel colors, then you can dilute it with bright and unusual products that are on the market in large quantities. You can experiment and create interesting designs when rinsing shelves and candles.

You can use bright red floor candles, tea or decorative candles are perfect. Such a decision will surely give you a charge of positive energy and cheerfulness. They say that products not only improve mood, but also bring prosperity and success to the house.

Also, designers recommend using floor candles in original containers, slightly drowning them in coffee beans or small cereals.


It can be interesting to work with large candles. A few large decorative items can be placed in the bedroom, next to the bed, but care must be taken as the bedroom contains a large amount of flammable items.

Also, large candles will look quite profitable in the living room, you should choose a suitable large candlestick for the interior, place the product in it and you’re done!

You can work on the decor yourself by surrounding the candles with fir cones or other elements.


Nowadays, there are a wide variety of candlesticks on the market made of various materials: from glass to silver, from bronze to wood. Also, the product can be made with your own hands, for example, from clay or ordinary dough, which will look very creative in the living room. Also, a regular glass or glass can come to replace the candlestick.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and create a warm, cozy atmosphere in your home.


By Yara

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