Sheepskin coat is a real salvation in winter. But this type of outerwear gets dirty quickly. Glossy dark places are especially noticeable, which are difficult to clean with conventional methods. It is not necessary to immediately run to the dry cleaners to restore winter outerwear. It is not so difficult to clean a sheepskin coat at home. It is only important to understand that the method of cleaning will depend on the material from which the product is sewn – artificial or natural. So how to clean a sheepskin coat at home quickly and efficiently?

How to clean a natural sheepskin coat

When deciding how to clean a sheepskin coat at home, it is important to know that there are two cleaning methods – dry and wet. The first involves processing without wetting the product, the second – using various liquids. Before starting the process, you need to choose a cleaning composition that matches the material and color of the sheepskin coat, test it on an inconspicuous area of ​​u200bu200bthe clothing.

However, with all the variety of sheepskin coats, there are several universal activities that must be carried out before cleaning this wardrobe item at home.

First of all, clothes need to be dried properly. Attempting to scrub dirt and stains from a damp surface will only cause them to become even more embedded in the material.

If there is fur on the outer part of the collar, pockets or cuffs, it should be unfastened or wrapped with polyethylene. First of all, this rule applies to things of light color.

Determine the extent of pollution and choose a cleaning method. At this stage, it is necessary to decide what kind of sheepskin coat you will have to deal with: natural with a suede coating, artificial or with a model with a laser-treated surface. Each of these types requires the use of special processing methods and the choice of certain cleaners.

You can dry the sheepskin coat only in a natural way, hanging it on a coat hanger. The use of heaters and hot air to speed up the process is not allowed.

How to clean a genuine leather sheepskin coat


A brush made of natural bristles is great for cleaning genuine leather products. If we are talking about any stubborn stains, then you can use the cleaning methods listed below. The brush is ideal for both leather and sheepskin products.

The best tool for cleaning black sheepskin coats is an ordinary eraser. It is not capable of causing any harm to the material, but does an excellent job of removing any stains.

How to clean a suede sheepskin coat

Suede outfits are delicate items, since various dirt is more visible on them, even dust particles are more difficult to shake off. As a care, such a thing should be regularly treated with a stiff hair brush so that the villi on it remain fluffy – so they are less greasy. So the ways are:

1. It is advisable to treat the pile with table salt, it is effective for small pollution. It’s not worth it to be zealous so that the product does not go bald.

To remove greasy and stubborn stains, you can use burlap – soak it in gasoline and rub the blot.

2. To give a second wind to an old sheepskin coat, you need to take a glass of warmed milk and mix it with 1 teaspoon of soda. Wipe the item or stain with the mixture, then rinse the area with clean water and vinegar.

How to clean a sheepskin coat with ammonia

A heavily soiled product is treated with a sponge moistened in such a solution – mix ammonia with water at a concentration of 4: 1, then immediately rinse the product with cold water, wipe with a dry cloth and dry naturally. Water can be replaced with soap powder.

How to clean a sheepskin coat with a steam generator


Natural suede can be cleaned with a steam generator. It will not only remove dust and stubborn dirty marks, but also restore the pile. First, the wardrobe item is treated with the device for several minutes, and then brushed.

How to clean a sheepskin coat with fur

1. In order to clean the fur from yellowness, you need to get the product out of the fur and wet it.

2. After that, you need to put the fur collar on any clean, flat surface. It should be noted that you need to put the product with the pile down.

3. When this is done, you can vacuum the collar in suction mode. This should be enough to make the fur extremely clean.

How to tidy up an artificial product


Sheepskin coats made of faux suede are much less capricious than natural counterparts. For this reason, they can be cleaned not only dry, but also wet. It is done like this:

In warm water, dissolve shavings of laundry soap or wool detergent. The solution is whipped until a fluffy foam is formed. If the product is heavily soiled, ammonia is added to the detergent (15 ml per 200 ml of water).

The sheepskin coat is placed on a horizontal surface. Moving in the direction of the natural arrangement of the villi, they clean it with a brush, periodically picking up foam on it.

The container is filled with clean warm water and after a quarter of an hour the soap mixture is washed off.

In order for the thing to dry faster after processing, it is placed between towels or wrapped in a sheet for a while.

How to clean a sheepskin coat from mold

You can save a sheepskin coat from mold in this way: mix 1 tsp into a glass of warm water. liquid soap and the same amount of vinegar. Then add 2-3 g of soda. When the violent reaction stops, soak a sponge in the solution and wipe the mold with it. Then dry the item.

How to remove grease and scuffs

Grease and wear are usually localized on the folds of the sleeves and near the pockets. You can try to level them with starch or semolina. Dust these areas and rub lightly, then shake off the residue or remove with a damp cloth. For wet stripping, prepare a mixture of water and ammonia, taken in equal proportions. First, treat the surfaces with it, then with acetic water. To bring back the velvety feel of suede, sand down the sleeve cuffs and pocket openings with a white eraser or fine sandpaper.


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