How to clean nubuck correctly with your own hands? Is it possible to cope with pollution on my own or will I have to go to a specialized dry cleaner? You will cope even with difficult pollution!

Nubuck is a special type of cattle leather. Like suede, it goes through a fine sanding to create a nappy surface. However, if the inner side of the skin is processed to obtain suede, then nubuck is obtained as a result of processing the outer side, which makes it stronger and more durable. At the same time, nubuck is very susceptible to dirt and stains, so it must be protected. You can clean nubuck at home with the help of products and tools specifically designed for the care of suede and nubuck.

Nubuck products react negatively to contact with water, so you can’t walk in them in the rain, snow, and even more so – wash them. Fat-based creams and impregnations are also strictly prohibited.

Also, don’t use too much force while cleaning. This negatively affects the pile – it harms it.

To prevent wiping of the villi, you will need nubuck wipes, a special brush and a product in an aerosol can.

Moreover, the stains are not cleaned in one “run”: first you need to rub the stain, then dry it and shake off the dirt, then rub it again. Intense friction is not welcome, as it will violate the integrity of the pile.

If you are going to clean nubuck boots, then the shoes must be thoroughly dried before starting the procedure, otherwise there is a risk of spoiling the surface by breaking the structure of the micro-bristle on it.

For daily care of shoes, use special napkins for nubuck. Their fibers are impregnated with a special cleaning agent suitable for processing this material. Wipe the boot in several directions using circular motions to clean the pile from all sides.


A more serious tool for cleaning shoes will be a brush for nubuck. You also need to clean shoes with circular movements of the brush, trying not to linger in one place for more than a few seconds, as this can damage the pile.

Treat heavily soiled areas with a nubuck cleaner. Such funds are available both in liquid form and in the form of aerosols. Apply a little cleaner to the cloth and wipe the entire surface of the item. Finish with a brush to remove product residue.

To remove salt stains, use a special eraser: it is sold in shoe care departments and looks like stationery eraser. With the help of such an eraser, you can remove dark stains, spots, drops and small scuffs from nubka.

If the nubuck has suffered significant damage and the discoloration is very noticeable, then it is worth trying to paint over this area with shoe paint.

If the restoration measures were unsuccessful, in this case, you should entrust the work to a professional and give the nubuck shoe pair to the workshop for restoration.

As you probably already understood, it is recommended to wear nubuck in dry weather. But even a cloudless July or dry September will cause a lot of problems for shoes. For example, cover clothes and shoes with a dusty veil, especially noticeable on dark clothes. Therefore, after returning home, you should immediately clean your shoes and clothes. First, use a dry brush or dry cloth to remove dust from the surface. Then apply an even layer of nubuck spray over the entire surface. Spray colors come in a variety of colors, so choose the one that best suits your item. This will increase the life of the nubuck item.

Such stains often appear on the collars of jackets and seat headrests. To remove greasy stains, use special degreasers and cleaners for nubuck. They are usually available in the form of an aerosol.

It is enough to spray the product on the stain. As it dries, it turns into a powder that absorbs fat. Scrub the powdered mark with a sponge dampened with a leather cleaner. If the stain remains, repeat the procedure.

Help in removing greasy stains and the usual home remedies. So, talc and starch show themselves well in this matter.


The best solution for removing dirt from nubuck is the use of special care products, and in their absence, gentle folk methods are allowed.

A nail file will always help out. She can save not only a broken nail, but restore the nap on the nubuck nailed with mud, rubbing the place of wear.

And dirty stains from nubuck shoes will help to remove folk remedies. For example, a solution of ammonia with water in a ratio of 1: 3 will help out – it will quickly remove whitish stains from salt from the shoes, which are sprinkled on the streets in winter.

You can clean a thing from nubuck with steam – and you can do it at home. It is more convenient to use a vertical clothes steamer for this. Modern models are distinguished by a wide range of modes and allow for delicate and spot treatment of shoes in the place where stains form.

If such a device is not available, then a regular iron with a steam function is suitable, which should be used to process a nubuck pair of boots or boots. At the same time, shoes should be protected from exposure to hot temperatures by laying a layer of fabric. After heating the device, a portion of steam should be directed to the area of ​​contamination, and after softening the upper layer of dirt, wipe it off with a brush or a piece of soft cloth. Steamed nubuck items are dried away from heaters, and then a special protective cream or spray with water-repellent properties is applied.

You can remove contamination by applying a cotton pad soaked in a solution of table vinegar (1 tablespoon per 1 liter of water) to it, leaving the shoes like this for a day, dry at room temperature. If necessary, apply paint or water-repellent impregnation next.


Artificial nubuck is a polymer material that looks like natural nubuck. But, unlike natural, it does not absorb moisture and is more durable.

But you still have to take care of the material. Here are some recommendations:

1. Choose balms and creams specifically designed for this material.

2. Start care from the first day of purchase.

3. Apply water repellent immediately.

4. Clean things with special brushes for nubuck (rubber or with metal bristles).

5. In winter or in rainy weather, treatment must be done before each exit to the street.

6. It is recommended to sometimes hold the shoes over the steam, so the villi straighten out.

7. Shoes that have lost their original appearance should be taken to a dry cleaner.

By the way, it will be correct to store nubuck products in boxes or fabric bags. Plastic bags are harmful due to the formation of condensation in them. You should clean them, soak and stuff the inside with paper or put special pads in, this will keep the shape. Before the next wear, you can hold it over the steam. The pile will rise and take on a fresh look.


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