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Gwyneth Paltrow known for her conscious approach to health and life in general: she knows everything about detox nutrition, skin care, sports. That is why the actress even founded her own beauty publication and launched a beauty brand called Goop. Gwyneth is often referred to as an expert in the field of healthy lifestyle. Not so long ago, the actress starred in a video for the American Harper’s Bazaar, in which she showed what procedures she does before going to bed.

How to cleanse your skin the right way: Gwyneth Paltrow explains
Photo: Screenshot from video for Harper’s Bazaar US

So, here are a few rules for evening self-care from Gwyneth Paltrow:

  • before taking a shower exfoliate body skin with a dry brush. This activates microcirculation, improves skin tone and removes dead cells from its surface;

  • do scalp exfoliation with scrub shampoo. It will remove all the remnants of styling products, dead skin particles and let the pores breathe. Such a deep cleansing of the head should be done once or twice a week;

  • don’t forget about facial skin exfoliation: Gwyneth uses gentle peeling Goop’s own brand, but you can choose the right one for you. She applies the product (it does not contain scrub particles), gives a little time for the composition to work, then massages her face with her fingertips. Paltrow calls this step “manual exfoliation”;

Photo: Screenshot from video for Harper’s Bazaar US

  • to remove the cleanser use a damp warm towel (wet a small terry towel under a tap with water at a comfortable temperature), which you need to gently wipe your face, preferring not rubbing, but soaking movements;

  • apply on face and neck oil-based serumpre-heating it in the palms;

  • Complete your evening routine with your usual eye cream, night face cream, lip balm and body lotion or oil.

Is your nighttime skincare routine similar to this? Gwyneth Paltrow?


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