When planning to celebrate the New Year: decorating the house, decorating the Christmas tree and preparing dishes for the festive table, many of us turn to the Eastern calendar and remember the symbol of the coming year. And although the Chinese New Year comes in February, this does not bother the Russians at all.

According to the Chinese horoscope, the coming year will pass under the sign of the Fire Monkey. Traditionally, the Chinese endow the symbols of the year with human qualities. The monkey, in their opinion, is a very dual nature. She can be intelligent, loyal, sincere, inventive, intellectually developed, but at the same time overly emotional and capricious, cunning, careless, sometimes even petty, loving to indulge her desires. How to please her?

Of course, like any other carrier of the element of fire, the Monkey of 2016 loves all the tones of fiery shades. If you want its oriental mistress to favor you all year round, decorate your home in the appropriate colors: red, yellow, burgundy, pink, gold … Into the traditional Christmas wreath, which has recently become a very fashionable decoration in our homes, weave red ribbons.

As for the decorations for the Christmas tree, the combination of red and gold balls will be perfect this year. You can hang on the Christmas tree and sweets in elegant shiny candy wrappers. The green beauty will also be decorated with tinsel of red shades. Don’t want a classic look? Feel free to experiment. You can decorate the Christmas tree with bananas, tangerines, oranges and lemons. All these fruits are suitable for the color spectrum of the coming year and are the favorite food of the monkey.

If there is a small child in the apartment or it is not possible to put one large Christmas tree, place small spruce paws in vases, you can even dress up large indoor ornamental plants. The monkey loves not only red, but everything bright and shiny. Metal is a related element to fire. You can decorate the house with bells. Don’t forget about the multi-colored garland. And not only on the Christmas tree, but for example, in the window opening.

Love candles – great! Red, burgundy, gold candles are the perfect gift for the Fire Monkey. Your house, shining with colorful lights, will provide you with good luck for the whole year. Garlands hung from the ceiling are not very popular now, but when we celebrate this New Year, they will be simply necessary. Hang them around the apartment so that they look like creepers. Let the monkey have fun with you and bring you joy and good luck!

By the way, it is precisely because this totem animal lives in green tropical forests that you can dilute red colors with green hues. But in no case do not use blue and, especially, black. This will upset the Monkey. The monkey loves money very much, so paper bills wrapped in red braid will also come in handy. And, of course, do not forget to buy a figurine of the symbol of the year itself. How could it be without her?


By Yara

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