How to make the house cozy and beautiful? To do this, you need to decorate it with original flower arrangements and fill it with the aromas of roses, dahlias, orchids. In the book “flower recipes» publishing house «Mann, Ivanov and Ferber» – many options for bouquets that are easy to make yourself.

Lovely artichokes, delicate sweet peas, graceful dahlias, classic roses or unique amaryllis – the authors offer several options for compositions for each flower. Today we tell you how to decorate the space with orchid bouquets.

Delicate and spotted: orchid

Orchids are the largest family in the plant kingdom. There are more than twenty thousand different types of these beautiful and delicate flowers in the world. We love orchids for the bright colors of the petals, for the unusual shapes of the petals and for the amazing spotted color. The most popular varieties are phalaenopsis and cymbidium, which amaze with a variety of shapes and sizes.

Recipe 1: No Additions


  • 6 orchids on a branch
  • Greek ceramic vase

Composition creation:

  1. At the bottom of the vase, secure the kenzan with floral plasticine.
  2. Trim orchid stems and arrange in a vase.
  3. The bottom flowers should partially cover the edges of the vase.
  4. Direct curved branches in different directions.
  5. Spread the flowers evenly throughout the vase.


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