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The number of shades of human skin is infinite, and this is not a figure of speech. There are really so many of them that it is impossible to count and order this number. However, skin color is made up of two components: the actual skin tone and its undertone. They differ in that the first can change under the influence of various factors – sunburn, emotions, age. The second is constant and never changes. It is important to know it in order to choose the right makeup products – foundation, lipstick, blush, in harmony with your type of appearance.

Photo: Fotodom.ru

There are three main types of skin undertones:

  • warm – yellow or golden;

  • cold – blue, purple, pink;

  • neutral – it mixes both cold and warm shades, and it most often matches the skin tone.

Vein Test

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Look at the color of your veins on your wrist. If they are greenish, your skin tone is warm. If the veins are bluish, pink or reddish – cold. If the veins are both blue and green at the same time, you have a neutral skin tone with a predominance of warm or cool undertones (depending on which color has more veins).

Test with gold and silver

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This is an even simpler test – with decorations. Take gold and silver jewelry and put on alternately one and the other (it can be jewelry of the corresponding shades). The one that is more in harmony with your skin and type, and will determine the undertone. If “your” metal is gold, then the undertone is warm. If silver looks more advantageous on you, the undertone is cold. Girls with neutral skin tones are usually perfect with rose gold.


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