A high-quality manicure, if it is, of course, not shellac, can be done at home for “cheap and cheerful”. The main thing is to fill your hand, following the rules, like professional masters. Then you get a perfect manicure that will last at least a week.

Remove varnish

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Before applying a new coating, you need to remove the old one. Moreover, in order for the adhesion of the varnish to the nail to occur, the previous coating must be completely removed. Usually the varnish remains in the corners of the nail, as if clogged there. Experts advise removing it delicately with an orangewood stick dipped in nail polish remover.

Shape your nails

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It is at this moment that you can harm the nail for two reasons: you buy the wrong files and file your nails illiterately.

Leave iron files in the Soviet past, they literally crumble the nail plate. It is better to give preference to “tools” based on polyurethane and wood. They “treat” the nail plate carefully.

File your nails in one direction, not side to side. With the latest beloved technique, you do not achieve the perfect shape, but the fact that the nails begin to exfoliate.

It is best to give preference not to cat claws that are fashionable on Instagram, but to a stable form. Ideally, this is an almond or a soft square. And don’t grow your nails like Wolverine’s, the shorter they are, the longer the polish will last. With a minimum length, it is least prone to chipping.

Remove the cuticle

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Experts are against amateurs cutting the cuticles themselves. There is a risk of infection, damage to a soft nail (then the plate will grow unevenly), and, of course, burrs will not keep you waiting.

Therefore, masters recommend peeling the cuticle with the help of special tools. They contain fruit acids with abrasive particles that soften the skin around the nail, exfoliate dead cells. Typically, cuticle peeling is applied for a few minutes, then washed off.

After peeling, give your nails a bath to soften the cuticles. To do this, pour water into the container with a temperature not exceeding 37 degrees, add a few drops of jojoba or almond oil, put your hands there for five minutes.

Then, arm yourself with an orange tree stick, “put on” a little cotton wool on its tip so as not to damage the soft nail, and begin to gently push back the cuticle.

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1. Serum Eveline Nail Cement. 2. File essence studio nails banana. 3. Cuticle oil essence nail repairing oil. 4. Complex “Double effect” Nail&Cuticle Kit Double Effect Ilona Lunden. 5. Cuticle Cream “Lemon Sensation” Lush. 6. Aravia Cuticle Remover Gel.

So that the cuticle does not coarsen and does not grow, be sure to apply special oil to the skin around the nail once a week, rub it with massage movements.

Degrease your nails


Before applying varnish, the nails must be degreased in order to remove a layer of sebum, which prevents the adhesion of the coating to the nail. For degreasing, you can use a special liquid (it is called a desiccant or basic remover) or you can buy alcohol wipes for injections at the pharmacy, which, by the way, are cheaper.

Apply base coat

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Before you start applying varnish, be sure to cover your nails with a base. The base protects platinum from the appearance of yellow spots that cause bright varnishes, improves the adhesion of the coating to the nail.

Apply the base in a very thin layer, and before applying the varnish, wait 2 minutes for the base to dry.

Choose a varnish

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The latest generation are varnishes that dry without an LED lamp. In their composition there is a little acrylic, as in gel polishes. Only they do not dry under ultraviolet light, but under an ordinary lamp or in daylight.

Such varnishes really harden faster on the nail and last longer, so give preference to them when buying.

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1. Catrice More Than Nude Nail Polish. 2. Lacquer Pink Up Love me tender. 3. Insta-Dri Sally Hansen. 4. Lacquer Plastic Beach Smith & Cult.

Apply varnish not in one thick, but in two thin layers, so that all layers dry faster, and the varnish adheres to the nail plate. Then cracks can be avoided.

Before applying, do not shake the bottle, as bubbles form in it, because of them the varnish thickens faster, and the coating does not adhere well to the nail. Just roll the bottle between your palms.

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1. Coverage basic treatment with Bandi camouflage effect. 2. Infinite Shine Treatments OPI Primer. 3. Lacquer Ultra Polish Bandi. 4. Lacquer Super Gel Rimmel.

Apply varnish from the center of the nail, then on the sides. Wait 2 minutes between each layer.

If you have gone beyond the contours of the nail, a special pencil with a liquid that removes varnish will help you correct the flaws. Or an orange tree stick with a cotton swab on the tip dipped in a remover.

Finish your manicure

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Be sure to apply a top coat after the color coat that protects the brightness of the color. Seal the free edge of the nail to prevent chipping of the nail polish.

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1. Top Double Duty Strengthening Base&Top Sally Hansen. 2. Top essence studio nails better than gel nails top sealer high gloss. 3. Top Smith & Cult.

To speed up the drying process, which lasts almost 20-30 minutes, use a hair dryer. Keep it from nails at a distance of 30 cm, dry with cold air.


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