Bright strands that would be easy to make yourself and just as easy to wash off are a real summer dream. Without long trips to the salon, worries about the result and how long the product will be washed off.

We asked stylist Alexander Smirnov and insta-blogger Elya Bulochka (@elya_bulochka) to show you how to use the new Colorista Hair Makeup jelly, L’Oreal Paris, to create a quick and effective hair make-up. A nice bonus – the product is easily washed off with shampoo or a damp cloth and smells delicate.

Elya is a leader of opinions, she has a developed sense of beauty, so it was decided to emphasize her fragility and at the same time focus on boldness and confidence. The image was chosen gentle, it can even be called refined: strawberry-raspberry curls, blueberry arrows and peach lipstick on the lips.

“Colorista Hair Makeup shades can be mixed together to create your own color,” says Alexander. – Jelly should be used in two ways: highlight some strands with color, which will then be styled in a hairstyle, or add a bright accent to an already created hairstyle, whether it be a bun or a braid».

Step by step instructions from Alexander Smirnov:

Step 1

Photo: L’Oreal Paris for 7Days.ru

Cover your shoulders with a towel to avoid getting the product on your clothes. Jelly is easily washed off the skin, and when it dries, there will be no trace left on the clothes. Comb your hair thoroughly and part it to the side for extra volume. Squeeze a small amount of #Red_Hair jelly onto your hand and apply to your parting. Be sure to let the product dry. Remember: the more product on your hair, the longer it will take for it to dry, and the more texture you will get.

An extra step: apply bright jelly accents in the shade #Hot Pink_Hair selectively on the strands, as if you were doing an ombre. I advise you to distribute the product on a comb with large teeth and comb the length of the hair from the earlobe.

Step 2

Photo: L’Oreal Paris for 7Days.ru

Gently comb your hair and use a curling iron to create a Hollywood wave around your face. Do not forget that the tool slightly textures the hair, it looks cool in bunches, voluminous hairstyles, sloppy braids.

Step 3

Photo: L’Oreal Paris for 7Days.ru

To repeat the image of Eli, a Hollywood wave is needed. It’s not that hard to make it. To do this, you need to pull the curling iron in different directions, as if scrolling it in your hands. If it didn’t work out, it doesn’t matter. Try using a cone-shaped curling iron, which in just minutes will allow you to create curls of any size.

Step 4

Photo: L’Oreal Paris for 7Days.ru

The beauty trend 2018 is not only colored hair, but also styling with invisibles that create a geometric pattern. Pin up your hair in a side parting to accentuate the Hollywood wave, beautiful ear shape, and colorful parting.

Eli’s makeup was done with L’Oreal Paris products: foundation Alliance Perfect “Perfect fusion»Glow mon amour highlighter, Tattoo Signature Waterproof Superliner, Paradise Waterproof Mascara and Color Riche Shine No. 245 Radiant Dawn lipstick».


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