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Dust is not as harmless a substance as it might seem. It spoils the appearance of the room and can cause serious damage to health. In fact, dust is the smallest particles of dead skin, hair,shaky furniture, animal hair. The dust may be yeasts, molds, dust mites, plant pollen and even harmful pathogenic bacteriasuch as tuberculosis. It is especially harmful for allergy sufferers.

Even if you stop ventilating the room and opening the front door, dust will still form, which is why it is so important to be able to deal with it and minimize its appearance in the house.

A modern powerful vacuum cleaner followed by wet cleaning will solve the problem. You need to clean up at least once a week. The cloth should be damp, but not too wet. so as not to leave dirt and streaks. Use thick microfiber cloths for wet cleaning.

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Important: clean from top to bottom, and not vice versa, otherwise the dust will rise and remain in the room.

Life hack: the laziest for cleaning can use not rags, but a sock dressed on their hand. It is more convenient and efficient for them to clean than just a rag.

We liquidate dust collectors

Dust likes to settle on textiles, furniture, carpets, soft toys, and various items. Make sure your apartment is not cluttered with things. But if you cannot do without, say, soft toys, keep them in a closed container or in a closet, and small figurines and souvenirs behind glass doors. For clothes and bags, use special wardrobe trunks.

So that after cleaning the dust does not immediately settle on objects, use an antistatic agent when wet cleaning.

Life hack: if you do not have a special furniture polish, it does not matter – a fabric softener diluted in water is suitable, it also has an antistatic effect.

Control humidity

The drier the air, the more dust is held in the air. And vice versa – the more humid it is, the heavier and faster dust particles settle down on objects. Therefore, it is important to monitor the humidity of the air. During the heating season and in a room with a working heater, the air is always dry. You can purchase a humidifier – the gadget is very useful and inexpensive.

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Another special device that will come in handy in a dusty environment (for example, your windows overlook a large highway) is an air purifier. Purifiers use filters to separate the air from dust, bacteria and other allergens. The only negative is that good ones are expensive. On sale there are combo options when a purifier and a humidifier are combined in one device.

Don’t forget the bed

Bed linen, blankets, pillows, mattresses are breeding grounds for dust and dust mites. Don’t forget about their hygiene. Bed linen should be washed at a high (above 50 degrees) temperature (you can use vinegar). Blankets need to be washed, pillows and mattresses should be taken out in the cold.

Mat our everything

The door mat is an old and working life hack. Lay two rugs: one outside, in front of the door of the apartment, the second in the hallway. Best of polymer, it is easy to clean and wash. The rug retains salt, reagents, street dust.

Comb your pets

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If there is a furry pet, a cat or a dog at home, then there will always be noticeably more dust in the room. You will reduce its amount if you regularly comb your pet with a brush and trim its nails. Not all pussies love combing, but there are many types of brushes, you can choose the one with which this procedure will become comfortable and pleasant for him.

folk recipe

You can prepare an environmentally friendly and inexpensive antistatic agent yourself according to a folk recipe. For 100 ml of water, take 2 tablespoons of olive oil, 30 ml of vinegar and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. Mix the ingredients and pour into a spray bottle.


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