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If superficial wrinkles can be easily dealt with with the help of home care and massages, then in the case of deep static creases (those that do not smooth out even in a calm state), you need to connect heavy artillery.

How do deep wrinkles form?


The first wrinkles are formed due to improper care or active facial expressions, if the situation is not corrected, they will turn into deep ones by the age of 30. The process occurs gradually, and age-related changes also do not need to be cut off.

“Deep wrinkles are pronounced folds, in the formation of which not only skin layers, but also subcutaneous fat take part. Such wrinkles do not appear at once, but gradually, after 30-35 years. This happens, first of all, in areas of natural skin folds – this is how nasolabial wrinkles (creases) are formed. The reason for the formation of deep folds on the face is largely related to gravitational tissue ptosis: muscle tone weakens with age, and against this background, under the influence of gravity, the oval of the face loses its clarity, ”explains Natalya Mikhailova, PhD, dermatovenereologist, cosmetologist, chief physician of the Reforma clinics. You can correct the situation and prevent its development if you connect competent home and salon care.

What care products will help with deep wrinkles


With the appearance of deep wrinkles, moisturizing alone is no longer enough, you need to use heavy artillery. Its role will be played by products with matrikin peptides – they imitate injections of Botox and mesotherapy, that is, they relax muscles, patch damaged cells and tissues, and increase skin tone.

Connect funds with powerful anti-aging components – retinol, vitamin C. Just use them not together, retinol and vitamin C duet can cause unpleasant consequences in the form of allergies, but separately and in a course (2-3 months).

1. Facial mask “3 layers of collagen” Japan Gals. 2. Night mask NCEF-Night Mask Filorga. 3. Intensive anti-aging cream Aravia. 4. Lifting fluid Resveratrol Lift Face lifting Caudalie. 5 Youth Eternity Himalaya Day Cream.

Look for components that strengthen the skin frame, such as collagen, cellular growth factors, plant stem cells, and do not forget about moisturizing, so oils and hyaluronic acid must be included in the kit.

1. Concentrated anti-wrinkle serum HYALU B5 SERUM La Roche-Posay. 2. Retinol-X Eye Lift. 3. THE OOZOO FACE ENERGY SHOT MASK PREMIUM. 4. Anti-aging day cream Novage Time restore SPF15 Oriflame. 5. Day anti-aging care “Active Lifting 45+” Garnier.

When it comes to cleansing, be sure to add enzyme products to your skin “diet” (you can find papaya extract on the label). Enzymes promote cell and tissue renewal, accelerate cell metabolism.

1. Night cream with Mixit peptides. 2. Revitalizing Supreme + Estee Lauder Cream to preserve youthful skin. 3. Face and neck cream Intensive evening care “Health Quartet”. 4. Anti-aging serum with a peptide complex Peptide face serum EGIA Biocare System.

And, of course, do not forget about sunscreen, and all year round, set the teeth on edge 2 liters of water a day and relax more often (because the stress hormone cortisol stimulates the aging process).

What procedure at the cosmetologist will quickly rejuvenate


To remove deep wrinkles, you should choose from this range of procedures.


Butolotoxin injections help reduce muscle tone, smooth out wrinkles, and develop facial expressions. On the front with deep wrinkles, drugs such as Botox and Dysport fight well.


Contour plastic removes sagging skin, reduces the depth of wrinkles, stimulates self-moisturizing of the skin.


Median, superficial (which the doctor prescribes) stimulate the renewal of cells, tissues and skin rejuvenation processes.


Hardware procedure that removes spider veins, pigmentation, smoothes wrinkles.

laser resurfacing

Breaks down old cells and tissues to form new ones. This is a traumatic hardware procedure with a rehabilitation period of about a month. After there may be swelling, crusts form, which eventually fall off when new skin forms under them. As a result, the oval of the face will be tightened, wrinkles will be smoothed out. Also, with the help of grinding, you can remove pigmentation, traces after chickenpox and post-acne.


Ultrasonic hardware lifting, which helps to tighten the oval of the face, smooth out wrinkles due to the fact that it destroys collagen fibers, stimulates the formation of new ones, starts the process of skin rejuvenation and accelerates cellular metabolism. After the procedure, a new skin frame is formed, thanks to which the fleas also go away.

How to smooth out the first wrinkles without injections


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