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Detecting the loss is sometimes not so easy, even if you know for sure that this thing is at home. And this is even more annoying – especially if the keys to the apartment are lost, and you are late for somewhere. Here are the steps to take in the first place in order to find the thing that you lost.

The very first thing to do when searching is to try to calm down, search work does not tolerate fuss. In an excited state, a person can begin to randomly move objects, creating even more confusion, which will only complicate the search. Take a few slow, deep breaths and say out loud, “Wait a minute! Now I will find you! If you can’t convince yourself of this, then perhaps you can at least cheer yourself up, and laughter also soothes well.

After calming down, try to remember where you last saw this thing. Then return to the same place and remember what you were thinking at that moment. The fact is that a person remembers events not only with the help of visual memory, but also with his whole body, therefore it may be useful to literally “play” again, like a scene, all his movements and thoughts that were at the moment when you last saw the loss. Again, it will not be superfluous to be in the same place if you just dropped this thing.

Then you can start a thorough and systematic search. First, check all the places where this thing is usually stored. It is clear that you have most likely already done this, but you need to check again – very often we think that we have already searched there, and the thing we are looking for just rolled deep into the shelf or locker. Do everything slowly and with maximum calmness – in this state, a person’s ability to concentrate and be attentive is much higher.

Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

In the event that the house has not been cleaned for a long time and there are a lot of unnecessary scattered things, but the necessary things are still not found, then it makes sense to do a general cleaning. If, of course, time allows. Cleaning helps not only to put things in order in the apartment, but also in your thoughts – you look, and remember where you put what you were looking for.

One head is good, but two is better – ask a relative or friend for help, who may be able to see more with an “unblurred” look and find the loss. But it’s not worth calling a lot of people for help – pushing and running around in this matter are not the best helpers.

If none of the above helps, then it’s time to bring magic to the rescue. Psychics in such cases are advised to enter into negotiations with the missing thing and politely ask her to be found. Another option is to imagine that you and the thing are connected by a silver thread and just go where this thread will lead you. However, with a lack of imagination, the thread method may not be so simple. Much easier – tie a scarf to the leg of a chair and go to bed. How it works? Psychics claim that in this case, a person turns to higher powers for help, which answer him with gratitude.

And the last resort, which some of us have heard from our grandmothers, is to ask for help in finding a brownie. You need to turn to the invisible tenant of your house with the phrase: “Brownie, brownie, play and give back!”. After that, you need to do some other thing, get distracted – and in the end there will be a loss.

However, the most effective way to find missing things is not to lose them. Does it sound a bit sarcastic? But this is indeed the case. To do this, little is needed: to maintain a constant order in the house, so that each thing has its rightful place, and also to make it a rule for yourself to always return what you took to its place. And then nothing else will be lost.


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