Most of us wear such a traditional piece of jewelry as a ring. This is a great way to demonstrate your social and family status, and what else if not a precious piece of jewelry will allow you to express your love for a girl! The main thing when choosing a ring or ring is to determine what size not only the gemstone, but also the product itself should be. Not every woman knows her size, let alone men. And if when buying jewelry in a jewelry store, experienced sellers and catalogs will help you measure your finger, then when ordering a ring in an online store, you need to figure out the size yourself. So how to find out the size of a finger for a ring at home?

The ring size is its inner diameter, expressed in millimeters. Therefore, to determine the exact size, it is enough to measure the diameter of the jewelry using a regular ruler.

To buy a ring of the right size for a girl as a gift, you need to discreetly take her ring and put it on paper and circle it along the inner contour. You can go to the store with this pattern. The diameter of a circle is the size.

You can use ready-made schemes by printing this picture with ready-made sizes for yourself. In the future, the ring is simply applied to the circles to accurately determine the size. Compare with inside diameter.

To correctly determine the size of the finger for the ring in this way, you need to take a small piece of paper. Its length should be approximately 10-12 centimeters, width – about 1 centimeter. Next is a matter of technology:

  • Wrap a piece of paper around your finger and make a mark where the ends intersect.

  • Since the ring will pass through the joint, measure the girth of this area as well.


  • Choose between two digits in the middle. This approach ensures that the decoration will neither fall off nor dangle.

  • The table will help to finally determine the size of the ring:
    Finger size (in mm) Finger diameter (in mm) Ring size
    47.1 14.7 fifteen
    47.6 15.3 15.5
    50.2 16 16
    52.1 16.5 16.5
    53.3 16.9 17
    55.1 17.5 17.5
    56.8 18.1 eighteen
    58.3 18.5 18.5
    59.9 18.9 19
    61.1 19.4 19.5
    62.9 19.8 twenty
    64.3 20.5 20.5
    66 21.1 21

If the table does not contain the number that you got, choose the closest value. As a rule, the gradation step in sizes is 0.5 mm – in jewelry stores you will see sizes 16, then 16.5, then 17 and so on.

Another way is to determine the size of the ring on your finger with a thread. To do this, you need to take a small thread and wrap it around your finger so that it passes freely through the joint. Then you need to carefully remove the thread so that it does not break or stretch. The last step is to cut it in half and attach it to a ruler. The resulting length in millimeters must be divided by 3.14. For example, if the circumference of the finger is 58 mm, this corresponds to a size of 18.5.

How to find out the size of a man’s finger
Are you a girl and don’t know how to choose the right ring size for a man? Feel free to use any of these methods – they are absolutely universal!


This method is considered the most inaccurate of the existing ones, but it can be used if other options are not available. Its essence is in the proportionality of the human body. Often, people who wear the same size clothes have approximately the same finger diameter. These parameters are related as follows:

Size S corresponds to the diameter of the ring from 15.5 to 16.5 millimeters.

Size M – products with an inner circumference of 16.5 to 17.5 mm.

Size L – ring sizes 17.5-18.5.

Size XL – decoration with a diameter of 18.5-19.5 mm.

Each subsequent “X” in the marking is plus one size.

To find out the size of the ring as accurately as possible, be guided by the size of tight-fitting gloves. In this case, the error will be minimal.

The last and most non-standard way to determine what ring size is needed is to correlate the diameter of the finger with one of the Russian coins. So, 1 kopeck is the 16th size, 5 kopecks is the 19th, 10 kopecks is the 18th, 50 kopecks is 19.5, and 1 ruble is the full 21st size.


This may be necessary when ordering jewelry in a foreign online store (for example, on Aliexpress or Joom), as well as when buying a ring in a jewelry store that uses the Western measurement system. To determine the size of the ring on your finger, first calculate the Russian marking, and then use the table to translate it into American, Japanese or English:

Russia/Germany USA/Canada England Japan
fourteen 3
14.5 3.5
fifteen four H 1/2 7
15.5 4.5 I 1/2 eight
15 3/4 5 J 1/2 9
16 5.5 L eleven
16.5 6 M 12
17 6.5 N 13
17 1/4 7 O fourteen
17 3/4 7.5 P fifteen
eighteen eight Q 16
18.5 8.5 17
19 9 eighteen
19.5 9.5 19
twenty ten T 1/2 twenty
20 1/4 10.5 U 1/2 22
20 3/4 eleven V 1/2 23
21 11.5 24
21 1/4 Y 12 Y 25
21 3/4 Y 12.5 Z 26
22 13 27
22.5 13.5
23 fourteen
23.5 14.5
23 3/4 fifteen
24 1/4 15.5
24.5 16


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