A double chin appears unexpectedly and, by the way, contrary to popular belief, not necessarily in those who are overweight. To disguise this problem, Hollywood stars came up with their life hacks, for example, Cher camouflaged her double chin with tape before the event. When you suffered from extra pounds Lady Gaga, she repeated the trick for the singer. The old guard, like Jane Fonda, hides flaws with a ponytail (it stretches the skin).

In our country, in the old fashioned way, they try to “beat off” a double chin with a wet towel. Whether folk tricks work or not, whether there are cosmetics that fight this problem and whether exercises help to solve it, she told us Marina Kulbaeva, dermatovenereologist, dermatocosmetologist at the Remedy Lab clinic.

Causes of a double chin


There are several reasons for the appearance of this “uninvited guest”.


A chin without a clear line, double is most often associated with anatomy. How pronounced it will depend on the structure of the platysma muscle, which is located in this area (under the chin). If the muscle has a double structure, then with the accumulation of fatty deposits, the double chin will look like a pelican.

There is almost no activity in this zone, it is little involved in ordinary life. Therefore, fat in the chin area quickly and easily accumulates and is very difficult to leave.


With age, the platysma muscle stretches and the skeleton shortens. Due to this, the muscle sags, and a second chin appears. In addition, with age, the edges of the platysma may diverge, which leads to longitudinal sagging of the skin.


Poor posture is one of the causes of a double chin. It weakens the muscles around the neck and chin, and it begins to sag.

Head down constantly

If your head is always in an inclined state: over the phone, computer, book, you constantly look at your feet, then you yourself provoke the appearance of a double chin. The fact is that the weight of the head is rather big, when you constantly tilt it, the load on the muscles and ligaments increases, this leads to their stretching.

Excess weight

When you gain weight, fat in the chin area also accumulates, which leads to stretching of the muscles and tissues, and the appearance of a double chin. Fat seems to sag over the neck.

How to get rid of double chin at home


Getting rid of an extra chin at home is, of course, difficult, but still possible. It’s important to put in a little effort.

Care products

Unfortunately, no care products of any pricing policy can affect the second chin. So there is no need to fall for marketing tricks and spend your hard-earned money. The components of the cream work only on the surface of the skin. Then, as the problem of a double chin is “buried” in the deep layers of the dermis. Care products do not affect the subcutaneous fat, muscle structures. They can only increase the elasticity of the skin, but that’s a completely different story.

By the way, a folk remedy, like patting under the chin with a wet towel, will not solve the problem either. This will improve blood circulation, but will not affect body fat.

Massages and exercises

With a double chin, face fitness exercises will come in handy. They will help to work out the muscular structure of the face and neck (like the muscles of the body), which will get rid of fat deposits in the problem area. Here are some effective exercises that you can do, even at the office (at lunchtime, of course).


Fix the lips in an air kiss, try to push them as far away from the face as possible. Tilt your head slightly, stay in this position for 5 to 20 seconds. Repeat 10-15 times starting from the starting position.

duck lips

An ideal exercise for working out the muscles of the neck and jaw. It can be performed both sitting and standing. Make lips like a duck, as for a selfie, linger in this position for 3 seconds. Then, keeping the same “expression”, begin to tilt your head towards your chest. Hold for three seconds. Repeat the exercise with the original 10-20 times.

ball exercise

For this exercise, you will need a children’s rubber ball measuring 5-10 cm.. Sit with the ball under your chin, back straight, shoulders relaxed. Start pressing on the ball with your chin so that it does not fly out. Do up to 30 repetitions.

Double chin bandages

Recently, online stores are selling like hot cakes, a Korean invention – a bandage against the second chin, which is fixed around the head. It is indeed effective, but not solo. It is good to wear such dressings after cosmetic procedures against the second chin, for example, injections or hardware techniques.

You can walk in a bandage for several days. It helps to reduce swelling, fixes the head in the correct position, fixes the effect after the procedures.


An undeniable fact, switching to proper nutrition and getting rid of excess weight, you gradually get rid of the second chin. But not always this issue can be solved only at home.

What is offered in the clinic


The fat in the chin area does not go well, even if you have already lost weight, the “appendage” can stay with you (in a slightly smaller size). Therefore, the most correct decision would be to contact a beautician. The doctor will quickly solve the problem, possibly in one session. There are several options that exterminate the second chin.


In this injection procedure, preparations based on lipolytics are used – substances that destroy local fat deposits. They are injected into the problem area, where there is a lot of subcutaneous fat.

Hardware procedure

From hardware procedures with a double chin, SMAS-lifting on the Ultraformer device quickly straightens out. It acts on the ligamentous apparatus and subcutaneous fat, reducing fat packages.


Botox injections work well with the omission of platysma and the double chin that has appeared against this background. Due to botulinum toxin, the muscle will relax, tighten and shorten, and the double chin will also go away.


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