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You have probably heard the phrase “dull complexion” more than once, more often in advertising they only say the phrase “shining from the inside.” From dull skin to radiant one step, and vice versa. Is it possible to restore gloss to the skin at home and remove the gray color from the face, they said Inna Korobkova, cosmetologist, dermatologist, leading trainer of Ultraceuticals and Tatyana Indzhigulyan, cosmetologist-dermatovenereologist, expert of the cosmetic line “Health Quartet”.

What a healthy complexion


Healthy skin has a smooth surface, reflects light well and therefore has a natural “radiance”. If there is peeling on the surface, uneven relief, pigmentation, a shell of dead cells grows, the skin looks dull, and the color becomes gray or pale gray.

Why does the complexion become dull


The first and main reason for such changes is keratosis. That is, when a shell of keratinized scales grows on the surface of the skin. It appears if you do not do deep cleansing of the skin, that is, peels, masks, take care of it incorrectly (choose completely inappropriate products).

Another problem that paints the face in a dull color is lack of sleep and fatigue, this can also include malnutrition, smoking. Because of this, the circulation of blood and oxygen in the skin slows down, and, accordingly, it receives less nutrients.

Health problems should not be ruled out, especially hormonal and endocrine problems, hyperpigmentation.

Cosmetologists consider another cause of a dull complexion and oxidative stress, it occurs when there is a deficiency of iron, vitamin D in the blood against the background of age-related changes, malnutrition, strict diets, and disruption of the intestines.

How to restore a healthy color to the face at home


To give the skin a radiance and “wash away” the gray colors from it, it is imperative to act on several fronts.

Cleanse your skin

Be sure to deep cleanse your skin twice a week. Dead cells are well removed by peelings with fruit acids. Owners of sensitive skin are better off giving their preference to gommages (peelings that roll off the face).

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1. Alginate mask Shake&Shot Poreminimizing Dr.Jart+. 2. Cleansing face scrub with fruit acids AHA Basic. 3. Peeling mask with glycolic acid Caudalie. 4. Mask Urban detox Nivea. 5. 3 In 1 charcoal treatment for blackheads “Clean Skin Active” Garnier.

From abrasive, choose soft ones that dissolve quickly and well in water. For example, scrubs with sea salt, but not with walnut shells.

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1. Himalaya strawberry cleansing gel. 2. Night peeling Idealia Vichy. 3. Anew Avon peeling discs. 4. Peeling scrub with enzymes and AHA acids FIVE ELEMENTS. 5. Resurfacing Peeling Exfoliant AHA! Revolution Soft Peeling glycolic Mixit.

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1. Lotion NCTF-ESSENCE FILORGA. 2. Microdermabrasion Microdermabrasion Skin Exfoliant dr.brandt. 3. Peeling gommage by Ilona Lunden. 4. A’PIEU facial peeling discs with AHA and BHA acids. 5. Enzymatic peeling Mezolux.

Alginate, clay-based masks, with the presence of volcanic dust or coal, work well for detoxifying the skin and giving the face a healthy color.

Moisturize your skin and don’t forget the SPF

Be sure to moisturize the skin to prevent dryness and flaking with creams, mists, patch masks. Look for hyaluronic acid, aloe vera (relieves irritation), antioxidants (vitamins, coenzyme Q10) in cosmetics that fight free radicals that cause premature skin aging.

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1. ARTISTRY HYDRA-V Enriching Gel Cream. 2. Refreshing sheet mask for express moisturizing of Givenchy skin. 3. Himalaya Aloe Vera Moisturizing Gel for Face and Body. 4. Sparkling face mask “Golden envy” Oribe.

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1. Face mask deeply moisturizing Five Elements. 2. Anti-aging cream for normal and combination skin Redermic C La Rocher-Posay. 3. Vitamin face emulsion “Korean secret” K-Beauty by Avon. 4. Moisturizing emulsion Rivoli.

And be sure to look for SPF filters in day creams, use them at any time of the year. Remember, even if the sun does not heat, it shines and causes serious changes in the deep layers of the skin, including provoking the appearance of a dull complexion.

Use cosmetics with vitamin C

Vitamin C is a real sun for the skin. It well helps to exfoliate dead cells, brightens the skin and fights pigmentation, charges the dermis with vitamins, fights inflammation and acne, returns a healthy color to the face.

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1. Night brightening cream Light Ceutic Dermaceutic. 2. Nordic-C Valo Cream with Vitamin C Lumene. 3. Cream Eveline Bioactive Vitamin C. 4. Booster Smooth tone with alpha-arbutin Age Intelligence SWISS LINE. 5. Skyn ​​Iceland Arctic Hydrating Rubberizing Mask with Vitamin C.

With vitamin C, choose serums, creams, masks. You can use the entire series at once, just accustom the skin to the products gradually, starting with one.

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1. PhFormula Vitamin C Moisturizing Cream. 2. Serum of special intensity with α-lipoic acid Protector + “Health Quartet”. 3. Serum with vitamin C Energising Essence EGIA Biocare System. 4. Clinique Fresh Pressed Pure Vitamin C Skin Care System. 5. Regenerating Concentrate with Vitamin C Dr. Pierre Ricaud.

Remember, ascorbic acid increases the susceptibility of the skin to the sun, so it is better to apply products with these components at night, and be sure to use creams with SPF in the morning.

Exercise and sleep

To disperse the blood and improve the circulation of oxygen, walk more, play sports, and most importantly, get enough sleep, and the complexion will return to normal.

How the situation can be corrected in the clinic

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If you are unable to put the person on “combat readiness” on your own, contact a specialist. Home care plus prof. procedures work wonders.

A good effect with a dull complexion gives a course of ozone therapy: during the procedure, the cells are saturated with oxygen, as a result of which the full “breathing” of the skin is restored.

Mesotherapy and biorevitalization injections saturate the skin with energy and moisture. And from hardware procedures, a dull complexion is relieved, and at the same time rejuvenated, laser therapy and photorejuvenation.


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