How to get rid of bed bugs


Even in the cleanest house with regular cleaning, parasites can appear. And one of the most unpleasant guests are bed bugs. Unlike cockroaches, which do not approach the person himself, small red-brown insects bite people and animals in their sleep. To maintain life, they need blood and a lot of shelters, and finding the latter is not difficult: the bugs are able to climb into a gap half the size of their own.
These parasites enter the house most often by transfer. And you can catch pests in places where people are active at night. In second place is the neighborhood with an already infected apartment, in third place is maintained furniture, where bedbugs could hide unnoticed.

Or how to determine what exactly they wound up in your house? No matter how sad it may sound – by bites. You should become a victim of an insect, because it is almost impossible to recognize its appearance earlier. Prioritized due to size and nocturnal lifestyle.

As for the bites themselves, they are little different from mosquito bites, rashes and allergic reactions. But if there is no reason for the appearance of traces, then try to look for the bugs themselves in the house. Check hard-to-reach cracks and openings in living rooms.

By themselves, these insects do not tolerate diseases, so redness and blisters should disappear without a trace in a couple of weeks. But the reaction to a bite is individual for each person: an infection may occur or a subsequent rash may form. In case of painful and uncomfortable transfer of the bite, you should immediately consult a doctor!

Since these parasites need a constant supply of blood, they crawl out to hunt at night. And the bed is their tidbit. But people in a dream tend to change the position of the body, which is why there is a high probability of crushing bedbugs that have climbed into the bed. Their red-brown color is very bright, so if you examine the sheet well, you will most likely find stains or traces of a characteristic color.

Look out for pale yellow eggs when looking for insect shelters. Of course, they are incredibly tiny, no more than one millimeter, but, as a rule, eggs and shells from molted individuals are not scattered throughout the house, but are located close enough to the shelter. Therefore, having found one, most likely, all the others will be found.


Important! Bedbugs settle very close to their “food”. So take a close look at:

  • Sofa / armchair / other upholstered furniture;

  • Sleeper springs;

  • Holes and gaps in nearby furniture;

  • Places behind hanging objects;

  • Joints of wallpaper with the ceiling;

  • A hole in the wall, if any.

Arm yourself with a magnifying glass and go hunting. It is best to do this at night when the insects are in their active phase.


You can’t wait until you notice bites or the parasites themselves. Get rid of them immediately! Bedbugs multiply at an incredible rate, and it will become harder to evict them every day.

  • Walk through the places of their alleged habitat with a vacuum cleaner, after which do not forget to thoroughly clean the filter and immediately get rid of debris;

  • Pack items tightly where bed bugs may have settled. This way you will deprive them of access to food. But here it should be understood that these insects quietly survive without food for several months, and sometimes for a whole year, so you will have to get rid of mattresses and upholstered furniture. Or remove it for a long time from the house until the final death of the bugs;

  • If possible, change the temperature in the room (degrees Celsius above fifty or below zero will quickly kill the parasites);

  • Use special chemicals during cleaning;

  • Re-clean the house after a few days;

  • If you can’t get rid of bedbugs on your own, contact a special service to eliminate them.


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