Yandex.Market experts studied how the demand for women’s beauty products has changed over the past year, and Natalia Mukhina, manager of the Home Appliances category, has compiled a guide for choosing gadgets.

Hair technique

For styling hair, techniques such as a hair dryer, hair dryer brush, tongs and straighteners are used. Hair dryers are classic or in the form of brushes.

When choosing a device, it is important to pay attention to features such as:

  • Ionization
    – it allows you to improve the condition of the hair during drying, removes static electricity, adds shine to the hair.
  • Turn on mode cold air flow can be used at the very end of drying to fix the styling.
  • Various heating and intensity modes air supply will make the process of drying and styling comfortable and fast.

For interesting styling and creating volume at the roots, you can consider hair dryers with a diffuser nozzle. And hair dryer brushes can come with several nozzles for different styling options.

Dyson Supersonic
Photo: Yandex.Market

The most original model on the market now is the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer, however, from the budget options, the expert recommends the Braun HD 585 hair dryer and the Philips HP8663 Essential Care hair dryer (the cost of the devices varies within 3 thousand rubles).

When choosing tongs and straighteners, you need to pay attention to the coating: tourmaline eliminates static electricity in the hair, and keratin adds shine and smoothness to the hair. It is not recommended to choose options with a metal coating. The expert advises paying attention to the Remington S9500 ceramic-coated straightener and Rowenta CF 4132 tongs, which come with additional attachments for creating various hairstyles (the cost of both devices is about 3 thousand rubles).

Epilators and women’s electric shavers

Braun 5-541 Silk-epil 5 Wet & Dry
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As the expert notes, you can remove hairs not only with epilators, but also with a female trimmer and an electric razor. Among epilators, Natalia Mukhina identified two main types of device:

Classic epilator. Thanks to the action of the tweezers in the working head of the device, the epilator removes the hair along with the follicle, which makes the skin smooth for quite a long time. Of the minuses: soreness of the procedure and redness of the skin. Ingrown hairs are also possible.

During photoepilation, flashes of high-pulse light affect small areas of the skin, destroying the color pigment melanin, which is contained in the hair follicle and hair shaft. After several such procedures, the bulb ceases to receive nutrients and dies, and the hairs fall out.

This year, demand for epilators and women’s electric shavers peaked at the beginning of March, the eve of International Women’s Day. Over the past year, two more surges in demand have been recorded – in mid-June, before the holiday season, and on the eve of the New Year.

When choosing a classic epilator, it is important to pay attention to the following details:

  • Application area: for different parts of the body, manufacturers can provide separate nozzles and modes of operation. These can be nozzles: for spot hair removal, for the bikini area or delicate areas, limiters for a standard nozzle – for ease of use. In addition, special additional attachments in the kit can be used for shaving or peeling. And, for example, massage will allow you to slightly reduce pain during the epilation process.
  • Number of tweezers: the higher it is, the faster the epilation process will be.
  • Number of speeds: another important characteristic of the epilator. Using different speeds will allow you to choose a comfortable mode of operation. On the first speed, short and fine hairs can be easily removed. If the hair is long and coarse, then it is better to use higher speeds.
  • Instrument power supply. If the epilator works only from the network, then its use will be possible in the immediate vicinity of the outlet. Battery-operated epilators give you more freedom in choosing where to use it, but it is important to charge the device on time.

As additional functions in epilators it is possible to note:

Possibility use of the device in the shower or bath using foam. Foam will make the epilation procedure a little less painful, because the skin and hairs will soften under the influence of moisture. Another plus of this feature is the ability to clean the head of the epilator under running water. It is important that such a function does not exclude the use of “dry”.

  • Built-in lighting – allows you to see even the smallest hairs.
  • floating head allows you to easily follow the contours of the body.

When choosing a photoepilator, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Resource cartridge (flashes). The higher the resource of the photoepilator cartridge, the less often it will have to be changed.
  • The presence of a sensor (sensor)that defines skin tone. It is important to remember that the photoepilator does not allow you to treat very dark or tanned skin.
  • An important parameter is impact zone size. The higher this value, the more body surface area can be treated in one flash of the device.
  • Various operating modes will allow you to choose the desired intensity of work, corresponding to the characteristics of the skin.

Braun remains the most popular epilator manufacturer on Yandex.Market since 2018. For two years in a row, about 40% of clicks have been on the offers of this particular brand. Therefore, for example, among the budget options for classic epilators, the Braun 5-541 Silk-epil 5 Wet & Dry model with an average cost of about 5,000 rubles is well suited. This device can be used with foam, has a floating head, and comes with additional nozzles: for shaving and a special nozzle for massage during the epilation procedure.

Among photoepilators, you can pay attention to the Philips BRI950 Lumea Prestige model (cost about 37 thousand rubles). The cartridge resource of this model is 250,000 pulses, which will allow you to use the device for a long time (the manufacturer writes that up to 20 years), and 5 operating modes and an exposure area of ​​​​about 4 square centimeters will quickly and easily get rid of unwanted hair.

Facial devices

Gezatone Bio Sonic HS 2307 i
Photo: Yandex.Market

These devices can partially replace beauty care in salons at home. When choosing, it is important to pay attention to:

  • Age who will use the device.
  • Skin type.
  • Effect,
    what you want to achieve: skin firming, lifting effect, wrinkle smoothing, blood circulation improvement and much more.

For cleansing and peeling, you can use the Gezatone Bio Sonic HS 2307 i ultrasonic facial cleanser (cost about 5 thousand rubles). This device creates an even complexion, cleanses pores and eliminates blackheads.

To increase the elasticity and hydration of the skin, the expert advises a device for deep cleansing, lifting and toning the skin Gezatone Bio Sonic 770 S (the cost is about 3 thousand rubles).

For those who want to smooth out wrinkles, the Gezatone Bio Wave m920 Massager model (cost about 2 thousand rubles) is suitable from budget options.

It is important to remember that some devices combine several technologies, are designed to perform several procedures and allow you to achieve different effects after use.

Body care devices

GESS Darsonval Super Nova GESS-623
Photo: Yandex.Market

Body care devices also differ depending on the desired effect: skin firming, toning, anti-cellulite care. Some devices can also help improve the condition of the scalp and hair.

Over the past year and a half, the French brand Gezatone has become the most popular manufacturer of body care devices on Yandex.Market. Since the beginning of 2019, more than half of user transitions have come from the offers of this particular manufacturer.

The expert selected models depending on the purpose:

  • For anti-cellulite effect, increasing skin elasticity, lifting, it is best to use darsonval or special devices for massage and figure modeling. For example, GESS Darsonval Super Nova GESS-623 or Gezatone RF + Cavitation Bio Sonic 1130 skin care device. The average cost of devices is about 4-5 thousand rubles.
  • For peeling, massage and skin cleansing you can use special brushes for the body. For example, Beurer Body Brush FC 55. When using such brushes, blood circulation improves, the skin is cleansed and tightened. The cost of the device varies within 4.5 thousand rubles.

However, Natalia Mukhina notes that before buying a device for face or body care, it is imperative to study the contraindications to the procedures or methods of exposure to these devices, and, if necessary, consult a specialist.


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