Svetlana Loboda
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Svetlana Loboda likes to provoke the audience. She is not shy about showing off her weird makeovers for concert performances, photo shoots and home gatherings. Recently teased fans who were actively eating in quarantine with elastic press. And the other day she boasted an interesting concert image, of which the singer’s manicure became the most frightening and memorable for the followers. Long shiny stiletto nails, very narrowed to the tips, reminded some of either a movie with Freddy Krueger, or a real weapon that can cause serious bodily harm, while others, on the contrary, were delighted.

It is worth noting that the design of Svetlana’s manicure is made in fashionable shades of this season, namely metallic. In the summer, manicure masters recommend that we all become “metallurgists” or “gold diggers”. They advise decorating nails with shades from rose gold to platinum. Nail experts call these tones cooling, which is so necessary this hot summer.

True, such a manicure is advised to be worn with a small amount of jewelry, as it is considered a replacement for jewelry or a replica of jewelry. Svetlana adorned her fingers with a large number of rings. Many followers did not like this, they wrote that too much glitter is tasteless.

Others did not understand how to live with such a shape and length of nails at all. You can hurt yourself, and household chores are difficult to do. There were also those who admired the image of Loboda, noting that this is an excellent concert bow.

How do you like Svetlana’s manicure?


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