Is it possible to get a dream figure and become the queen of the beach without denying yourself anything? Doctors say you can, but with a stretch. Fitness and diets replace these body treatments.

Slimming procedures

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Here they are fitness trainers and nutritionists rolled into one.

super sculpture

Hardware procedure, named by analogy with the class of power aerobics. Only in the process will not need to lift the barbell or dumbbells. During the procedure, the body is affected by an apparatus that literally breaks down fat deposits, plus it improves metabolic processes in the body.

Ultra Shape Contour

Corrects local fat deposits, for example, hated on the sides. “This procedure removes excess subcutaneous fat from various parts of the body – the abdomen, thighs, sides, buttocks, back, arms. With the help of three-level focused ultrasound, emitted in a pulsed mode, complete destruction of fat cells is achieved. In one procedure, you can get rid of several centimeters at the waist, ”says Ilmira Petrova, head of the Lantan clinic.

beauty liner

This is a vacuum massage that needs to be done in a course and is best combined with bandage wraps. “It acts on the superficial tissues of the body, creating a vacuum, due to which the skin is lifted and smoothed. Vacuum exposure provides improved blood flow in the affected area and lymphatic drainage effect, as well as a decrease in body volume. It is recommended to carry out a course of 8-12 procedures 1-2 times a week, then a maintenance procedure once a month,” advises Mikhail Derebenchenko, physiotherapist at the Remedy Lab clinic.

Sharko shower

A classic popular since the days of the Soviet Union, it does not fail in the matter of losing weight. “Sharko shower is an alternative to massage, which is carried out with the help of a powerful jet of water. Such a procedure activates the work of the lymphatic and circulatory systems, improves cell nutrition, improves their tone, and also helps to remove toxins and excess fluid from the body,” Mikhail notes.

Make the body fit


It happens that you lost weight, and your skin began to sag, or you just want to make your body more toned for the beach, plus lose a couple of kilos, then these techniques will help out.

body line

Photopneumatic massage, electroporation, ultrasonic thermolipolysis and radiofrequency therapy – all this is about body line.

“In the process, the device makes a vacuum-roller massage, which tones the skin, improves lymph flow, strengthens the vascular walls, and restores skin and muscle tone,” says Ilmira.

Ultra Former

It removes sagging tissues well, especially in the chest area, the inner surface of the arms and thighs. “The device works at the SMAS level, that is, under the epidermis and subcutaneous fat. In response to cell damage by the ultrasonic wave, new collagen is formed. This leads to an improvement in the quality of the skin, its rejuvenation. One session will be enough to remove excess fat and noticeably tighten the skin,” says Mikhail Derebenchenko.

Get rid of cellulite

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Another problem that you do not want to demonstrate to others on the beach. To remove ugly tubercles, you need to refer to these techniques.

slim up

In the process, fat cells are destroyed using infrared radiation. “The skin and muscles are saturated with oxygen, toxins are removed, cells and tissues are regenerated, the skin is smoothed and the appearance of cellulite is reduced,” explains Ilmira Petrova.

Wrap against cellulite Adipocel Kit

“Wrapping leads to the elimination of excess adipose tissue, helps to reduce the size of adipocytes (fat cells), eliminates congestion in tissues, and prevents the compaction of collagen fibers that affect the appearance of cellulite. Excess fluid is removed, the process of formation of local fat deposits is slowed down, ”recommends Mikhail Derebenchenko.

Endospheres Therapy

Classics of the genre against cellulite, which is performed by the course. In the nozzle of the device there are 60 rollers rotating at different speeds and in different directions. Capturing the skin and subcutaneous fat, they increase blood circulation (microvibration is responsible for this) and remove “excess” fluid.

How long should the course be?

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Record a month or even two before the holidays in order to have time to put yourself in order, any technique is done as a course. It usually takes 10 to 12 procedures, but it all depends on the individual case.

Is it possible to rely only on procedures without diets and sports

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Unfortunately, miracles do not happen, if you want to lie on the couch and overeat on cheeseburgers, relying only on hardware procedures, you will waste your money. And the sums are considerable.

Therefore, do not quit the course at the 4th procedure, otherwise you will not get the desired effect, and also follow the diet adjustment prescribed by the doctor, and be sure to do the sports agreed with him, distributing the loads you need now. And then you can catch envious glances on the beach.


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