How to make a wish for the New Year: 8 ways to make all your dreams come true


New Year’s Eve is the time when dreams and wishes come true. If you are not sure that your wish will come true to the sound of the chiming clock, then we invite you to read about the ways in which you will definitely get what you want in 2021.

1. You need to prepare: a glass of champagne (or wine, juice), a small piece of paper, a pencil and matches. As soon as the chimes start to beat, write what you want on a piece of paper, light it, and mix the ashes with a drink. It is necessary to empty the glass before the chimes strike twelve.

2. Pour a bottle of champagne into glasses. Blow into an empty bottle and close it with a cork. At this moment, be sure to think about your cherished desire. Do not throw away the bottle for a week.

3. If you want to have more money in the New Year, wrap the stem of the glass you drink from with any bill, and after the holiday is over, put it in a separate pocket of your wallet. Do not give it to anyone, but keep it as a talisman.

4. On New Year’s Eve, take a branch from the Christmas tree and whisper your wish on it. He speaks in such a way that no one will hear. Put a spruce branch in the water next to your bed. After three days, count how many needles have fallen from it. If the number is even, then the wish will come true this year. Odd – will have to wait a little more.


5. Buy a glass Christmas ball before New Year’s Eve. Write your wish on a small piece of paper, roll it up and place it inside the toy. Hang the ball on the tree. Take it in your hands for five minutes every day. After a week, remove the toy and put it away from where no one will get it.

6. If a girl wants to get pregnant in the New Year, it is necessary to clean and eat the whole tangerine during the chiming clock. The wish will come true if there is a bone in the tangerine. Just can’t throw it away. It is necessary to swallow the bone along with the rest of the fruit.

7. Eat 12 grapes to the chime. At this moment, it is necessary to pronounce desire to yourself. But before 00:00, you need to spit out all the bones that you come across. Therefore, we recommend buying seedless grapes immediately.

8. If you have many desires, then this method is for you. Write 12 notes with your dreams and put them under your pillow on New Year’s Eve. Pull one out in the morning, but without looking. The first wish that you have drawn will come true.

It is known that a wish comes true faster if a person is happy and satisfied. You can arrange another holiday for your loved ones. So, before the New Year or on the Old New Year, go to the forest and take garlands, fireworks, champagne and tangerines with you.

Next – find a Christmas tree in the forest, decorate it and have fun. You will have to dance with loved ones and at this moment make a wish. The more people will be present, the more energy of happiness will be, and, therefore, all dreams will come true faster. However, remember that you need to clean up after yourself in the forest.

In addition, you can send all your desires directly to the Universe.


1. So, buy a Chinese lantern and describe your dream on it. Under the chiming clock, launch it into the sky.

2. Go outside at 00:00 and shout your wish to the sky. The stars will hear everything.

3. Write all your wishes on a piece of paper and attach it to the fireworks. Launch it on New Year’s Eve.

Remember, in order for everything conceived to come true in 2021, you need to appease the White Metal Bull. To do this, you need to look so that the Bull does not get angry. Choose silver, gray, white colors in clothes. In no case do not buy red dresses – this will anger the bull and is unlikely to bring you good luck. You can buy beige suits or any other pastel color.

By the way, it is also better to decorate the Christmas tree in white, silver and gray balls. Avoid bright colors of garlands – the bull does not like this. If you can please the owner of 2021, you will be lucky in all areas of life, especially there will be no problems with finances.


By Yara

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