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Jeans with rips and holes, as well as jeans with torn edges, are still one of the key trends. These jeans fit perfectly into the festival aesthetics (August is the hot season for open-air festivals), are suitable for long walks in the park or street style shots – it’s enough to beat your image correctly.

Many complain that finding the perfect ripped jeans is not an easy task. For example, holes in the knees are not the coolest idea in terms of functionality. If you are among those who have not found their ideal, we offer you to watch the master class that we have prepared together with Levi’s Tailor Shop customization master Valentin Vechtomov. Valentin told 7days.ru readers about the most common ways to make jeans ripped and answered questions that will help facilitate the customization process.

It remains only to choose the right jeans and carve out a few free hours.

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