The child is bored at home, all the toys have long been familiar and uninteresting to him, but he wants something new and funny. The situation is familiar, isn’t it? However, do not rush to run to the children’s store for a new doll or car, because great entertainment for children is easy to make at home from improvised means. In this article, we will reveal the secrets of the best recipes for soap bubbles and share life hacks on how to make a bubble strong, large and even colored.

As in any recipe, when preparing a liquid for soap bubbles, the proportions must be strictly observed. Use a measuring cup for this.

In order for the bubble to be strong and easy to inflate, it is necessary to use distilled or boiled water. The fact is that the impurities that are contained in the water can disrupt the fine structure of the soap foam and prevent it from forming a bubble.

The same advice applies to soaps and shampoos that you plan to use as a base for future blisters. The less fragrances and additional impurities it contains, the stronger the resulting bubble will be.

If you do not have a special stick with a ring for blowing soap bubbles, then you can easily make it yourself. To do this, take a wire of medium thickness and bend it into a loop, twist the ends with each other to make a handle. Remember that the loop should fit into the neck of the container into which the soapy liquid is poured.

To blow bubbles, you can still use a regular funnel for pouring liquids or make it yourself. We take a plastic bottle, retreat from the neck about 5 cm and cut it off, we don’t need a lid. We lower the wide part of the funnel into the solution, and blow bubbles through the narrow part.

To blow out many small bubbles at once, use cocktail straws. Take 5-10 straight tubes, fold them into a bundle and fasten with rubber bands on both sides. Dip one side in soapy water, and blow on the other. It turns out a whole bunch of grapes from tiny bubbles, which the child will certainly like.

If you do not have a special ring for blowing big bubbles, then you can make a very simple tool for which you only need two skewers (or just sticks) and a thread. We attach the thread to the end of one stick, measure about 20 cm and tie the thread to the end of another stick, make a few turns, measure another 25 cm and again wind the thread to the first skewer. The result should be a loop between two sticks. It is necessary to lower the loop into the soapy solution, pull the thread a little and wave the makeshift ring on the skewers. If the child quickly runs with this design in his hands, then a long iridescent soap snake will follow him.

Soap bubbles themselves are very beautiful, but they can be made even more attractive by adding food coloring to the solution. You can use several colors at once to make the bubble game even more interesting.


Dishwashing liquid is always at hand, and with its help you get an excellent composition for blowing strong soap bubbles. The secret to maintaining bubble shapes is in the density of the solution itself.

We will need 50 ml of dishwashing liquid, 150 ml of water, 25 ml of glycerin. All ingredients are thoroughly mixed and infused for a day. The solution is ready, now you can blow soap bubbles at home or on the street.

If the child is bored with ordinary bubbles, then you can always make a soap giant. A large flying and iridescent ball will certainly cause delight and a storm of emotions not only among children, but also among adults. To do this, you need a little more ingredients, and you should also increase the proportions.

We will need 200 ml of dishwashing detergent, 500 ml of water, 4 tablespoons of sugar, 100 ml of glycerin. We mix all the ingredients and leave the liquid for a day. It remains only to make a special tool for blowing huge bubbles and enjoy the game. Step-by-step instructions for assembling a simple tool in the “Helpful Tips” section.

The main problem with the use of soaps and shampoos in the preparation of a soap solution is the content in them of a large number of various impurities and fragrances, which reduce the strength of the bubble. However, this problem is easy to solve if you use the most common laundry soap. Of course, it will take a little more time to prepare such a liquid, but the result will amaze you.

To begin with, we need 20 grams of soap shavings. To do this, rub the soap on a fine grater. If this is not possible, then it is best to cut it thinly. The principle here is that the thinner and smaller the pieces, the better. Then pour 100 ml of warm water into the resulting chips. It is important that the water is just warm, because then the soap will dissolve much faster. After obtaining a homogeneous liquid, add another 100 ml of already cold water. The solution is almost ready, it remains only to pour in 1 teaspoon of glycerin. We leave the composition to infuse, and in a day the children will be able to enjoy a fun game of bubbles.

Glycerin is a thing, of course, necessary for the preparation of a good soap solution, but by no means indispensable. Now we will tell you how to make liquid for soap bubbles, if for some reason there was no glycerin nearby. The fact is that this substance serves to impart density to the composition, but other means can also perform this function.


If there is neither the possibility nor the desire to purchase glycerin, then ordinary sugar comes into play. It is important to consider that it is better to blow soap bubbles from such a solution on the street, because otherwise all surfaces in the room will be covered with a sticky crust. In addition, children should be warned not to catch bubbles with their heads, as they can stick hair together.

For glycerin-free bubbles, you need to take 100 ml of dishwashing liquid, 100 ml of water and add 1 teaspoon of sugar without a slide to the resulting solution. Then everything must be thoroughly mixed.

It may seem incredible, but even ordinary baking powder for dough can be a good ingredient for soapy liquid, which will give strength to future bubbles.

Take 500 ml of water, 50 ml of dishwashing detergent, 1 tablespoon of sugar. Gently mix the ingredients until the sugar dissolves, then in small portions, without ceasing to stir, pour 1.25 g of baking powder into the solution. Let the resulting solution stand.

Please note that powder baking powder may precipitate after a while, so shake the container with liquid before the next use.

Children of all ages love to blow bubbles, but if the elders can be gentle, the little ones often get themselves in the eyes with the bubble liquid. So that the game does not turn into pain in the eyes and tears for the child, it is more expedient to use baby shampoo instead of soap and dishwashing detergent.

The recipe for safe soap bubbles includes 50 ml of baby shampoo, 150 ml of water and 1 teaspoon of sugar. Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and let it brew. Playing with such bubbles will not cause any discomfort to the baby, but will become a source of joy and laughter.

In general, sugar, baking powder and glycerin are interchangeable ingredients in soap bubble liquid recipes, so you can always experiment with ingredients and formulations. It is only necessary to take into account that with glycerin the bubbles are the most dense and durable, with sugar they are very sticky, and it is better to shake the solution with baking powder before reuse.


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