If the pedicure is well done, it has to be renewed infrequently. But in summer, the feet are constantly in sight, so I want them to look neat for a long time. We decided to ask nail art studio masters Alice in ZAZERKALIE» Alexandra Korennyiwhat you need to do for this after you went to the salon and put your feet and nails in order there.

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“High-quality pedicure is important not only from the point of view of aesthetics, but also from the point of view of health. The skin of an adult is updated in 28-30 days, which means that pedicure should be done every two to three weeksAlexandra explains. – Proper care is required to extend its wear life: regular and thorough hygiene of the skin of the feet, cleansing between the fingers, and after – mandatory moisturizing“.

What care products are more effective?

“It is necessary to use creams without fat substitutes, the expert continues. – It is better if the composition will include enzymes or urea, but not more than five percent. The less often you use the cream, the faster the skin will dry out and become rough, and the pedicure will become unattractive.

Proper footwear

“Perhaps the most important thing in maintaining the beauty and health of the feet is shoes,” says the master. – First of all, it should be comfortable. If you are generally satisfied with your shoes, but you notice that a lot of calluses and corns have appeared, then your feet are still uncomfortable. In this case, I strongly advise you to start orthopedic insoles that will be created specifically for your feet. This will prevent many problems. For lovers of high heels and narrow noses, I recommend at least change them every other day for shoes with lower heels two or three centimeters high.


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