The last autumn month usually does not please us with the weather: in most of the territory of Russia, winter is already setting in at this time. But you can enjoy the extra days off that November will give.

How to relax in November 2020 – production calendar

In November 2020, one holiday is November 4, National Unity Day. The holiday was established in memory of the events of the XVII century. Historically, it is associated with the end of the Time of Troubles in Russia. It has been celebrated in Russia for 15 years already – since 2005.

According to the Federal Law of December 29, 2004 No. 201-FZ, National Unity Day is a non-working holiday in the Russian Federation, so every year on November 4 we have a rest.

National Unity Day 2020 will be on Wednesday. Therefore, on the November holidays, we will rest only one day, and there will be no long weekends.

How to relax in November 2020 – official holidays

However, due to the holiday, we are waiting for a shortened working week. Here’s how it will be:

November 2, Monday – working day;

November 3, Tuesday – shortened working day;


November 4, Wednesday – Day of National Unity – public holiday;

November 5, Thursday – working day.

Shortened working days

According to the Labor Code, the pre-holiday working day is reduced by an hour. On Tuesday, November 3, it will be possible to work less than usual and leave work an hour early (if the authorities allow). In total, in November we are waiting for 20 working days and 10 days off (together with a public holiday).

How to profitably take a vacation in November 2020

By law, holidays are not included in vacation days, so in November it is better to go on vacation after the fourth day. In general, resting this month is not very profitable, since there are only twenty working days in November. The more working days in a month, the higher the vacation pay.

Will there be long weekends in 2020?

Unfortunately no. Even on December 31, 2020, Thursday, we will work. But from January 1, 2021, we will begin a ten-day New Year vacation.


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