Pellets are a real problem for many people. Getting rid of them in dry cleaning is not cheap. And independent activity can not only remain fruitless, but also spoil an expensive or favorite thing. Therefore, we have collected the best ways to help get rid of them without damaging clothes.

  • We take a razor. It is better to take the one that you have already used so that it is not too spicy.

  • We apply to the thing, but do not press hard so as not to leave a hole.

  • With movements from top to bottom, gently draw a razor over the spools.

  • Removing leftovers by hand


  • We place the sticky side in places where there are pellets

  • With a sharp movement tear off the tape

  • Repeat the process until the desired result is achieved.

  • We will need a plastic comb with fine teeth

  • Keep the comb strictly parallel and very close to the surface of the clothes.

  • From top to bottom, we begin to comb our thing


  • Take a toothbrush without hard plastic teeth

  • Guide the brush along the fibers of the material

  • We begin to comb the pellets from the clothes until it is completely removed.

  • Use nail scissors with a thin blade

  • Lay out clothes on a flat surface

  • Carefully cut the base of the spool with scissors

We looked at 5 ways to help remove pilling from clothes. Now consider which of these methods will cope with the pellets on the sweater. To do this, compare three sweaters.

Angora or mohair sweater. A comb or toothbrush will help you remove the pellets on such material and not ruin the sweater.

Knitted sweater with a large knit. For this sweater, a razor will be the most effective way.

Knitted sweater with fine knitting. We advise you to use a razor or a comb so as not to damage the material.


With constant wear in the cold season, the appearance of pellets on your favorite coat is inevitable. The best way to get rid of the pellets from the coat is a special machine. With its help, you can quickly and without damaging the material remove all the pellets. But if you don’t have such a machine, then a brush for suede shoes will also help you remove the pellets. Just brush off the pellets until they disappear completely.

We figured out how to remove pills from any clothes. But what if the pellets are a problem not only for your favorite sweater, but also for pieces of furniture. Especially if it is a sofa on which we enjoy relaxation after a working day.

For a similar problem, you will need a knife, but pay attention that it is not too sharp. With quick movements we pass the knife along the surface of the sofa. The procedure is repeated until all the pellets are removed.

Now the pellets are not afraid of your favorite things, because you have in your arsenal ways to get rid of them for all occasions.


By Yara

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