Kaia Gerber at Valentino Fall 2018 Couture

“Creating voluminous hairstyles for Valentino, we were inspired by the early 1960s with their shoots for Harper’s Bazaar, which then worked with the legendary Diana Vreeland. The heroines of these shoots had the hair of their dreams, and today many people dream of the same, ” Guido Palau, International Creative Director of Redken Styling, explains. In tandem with colorist Josh Wood, who is responsible for the brand’s coloring, they worked on the looks of the show, which have become one of the main catwalk looks of recent months. How to achieve the same stunning result?

Of course, such a mega styling is hardly suitable for everyday life, but it is worth taking into account the very principle of its creation in order to reproduce a noticeable volume even on thin long hair. Step-by-step instructions with a list of required Redken tools
this will help:

Shampoo and conditioner All Soft Mega Shampoo, fixing spray Forceful 23 and spray to create the effect of wind in the hair Wild Blown 05, Redken

  1. Wash your hair with All Soft Mega Shampoo shampoo and conditioner and towel dry.
  2. Separate part of the hair along the growth line, then comb it to the crown.
  3. Dry your hair completely with a blow dryer and a round brush using Guts 10 Volumizing Mousse at the Roots and Lengths. It is best to divide your hair into five equal sections.
  4. You can add a few overhead strands for more volume.
  5. Add volume with a bouffant at the crown and nape. If you use overhead strands, secure them with invisibility for reliability.
  6. Add texture to your hair with Wind Blown 05, a lightweight wind-in-hair spray, and set with Forceful 23 Hairspray.


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