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Studio apartments are becoming more popular with buyers due to their lower cost and the availability of open, bright space. If you are planning to convert your apartment into a studio or are thinking about buying one, then check out the recommendations to help save you money and time when renovating and furnishing a new home.

Tip 1. Choose to paint the walls

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When buying paint, it is worth considering the properties of the surface on which it will be applied. Before proceeding with painting, the walls must be carefully leveled. A rough surface requires more paint than a smooth one. If you are planning to hide defects under the wallpaper and then paint them, then keep in mind that the raised pattern on the wallpaper will also require an increase in the amount of paint. To save money in the future, give preference to washable paint. It is very easy to use and allows you to keep the repair in its original form for a long time. To remove stains and dirt, just wipe the wall with a damp cloth.

When choosing a color, keep in mind that in the store catalog it may differ significantly from the result obtained in your apartment. It mostly depends on the lighting. HDo not buy too much paint at once. First, decide on the shades you like and purchase them in small volumes. Some manufacturers provide samplers in small jars. Apply one stroke of each color to the wall, evaluate them in different lighting and choose the one that suits you best.

Tip 2. Choose laminate flooring

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When planning repairs, everyone wants to get a high-quality and stylish result at minimal material costs. But in the case of laminate coating, there are some nuances. Yes, it will undoubtedly cost you less than natural wood flooring. But it is not recommended to give preference to the cheapest options. When choosing, pay attention to the level of moisture resistance, wear resistance class (at least 32-33), manufacturer reviews. In the event of a leak, a high-quality laminate can be lifted at the site of the defect, dried and returned to its place. While the cheap option will be damaged much more and will not be repairable, which will require a complete replacement of the flooring. When choosing a laminate, you should also not overpay for the big name of advertised brands, try to choose options from the middle price category. You will also benefit more if you entrust the laying of laminate flooring to a professional.

Tip 3. Choose an interior style based on your wallet

Interior in the style of “Provence”

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Now there are quite a few different interior styles, and not all of them require large financial investments. With a limited budget, you should not give preference to the classics or hi-tech. Classics require expensive elements in the interior – chic chandeliers, decorative moldings, a fireplace, expensive parquet. Hi-tech will also hit your pocket hard due to the high cost of technology. Pay your attention to simple, stylish and budget interiors, in the style of minimalism, country, eco-style, Provence.

Do not save on basic furniture – beds, kitchen sets, etc. But you can save on small interior items by showing imagination and creativity.

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Tip 4. When zoning space use glass partition

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The studio requires division into zones, which can be done in different ways. You can do this with color zoning, painting the walls in different colors, and using curtains or partitions. The glass partition is considered the most convenient, as it does not require construction work and is quite budgetary. It does not clutter up the space, transmits light and looks stylish. Such partitions are made in glass workshops, taking into account all your requirements.

Tip 5. Use budget decor in interior decoration

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You can add motivating lettering and drawings to the wall with a stencil and contrasting paint. Make your own gallery of bright posters, posters, posters or just empty frames of original shapes and designs. Also a trend in interior design are open shelves on which you can put your favorite books, souvenirs or live plants.

For plants, you can select an entire wall in the apartment. To do this, fix several slats with holes for flower pots. At the highest level, place falling plants, in the middle – exotic specimens, and at the bottom – the most light-loving flowers. Landscaping is not only fashionable, aesthetically pleasing, but also useful. Plants purify the air, which is necessary in the confined space of a small apartment.


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