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Since ancient Egypt invented red lipstick by mixing red ocher and carmine, it has become a forbidden fruit that is always sweet.

In ancient Greece, prostitutes were forced to use red lipstick. In ancient Rome, on the contrary, it was painted to know, both men and women.

The Middle Ages became an ordeal for red lipstick: it was turned into something forbidden, the church considered it an accomplice of the devil, and those who used such lipstick were declared witches.

It took a long time for red lipstick to be rehabilitated, but there are still a lot of stereotypes surrounding it. True, red lipstick still remains a symbol of looseness, sexuality, bitchiness. Therefore, it is recognized as the main female weapon along with a deep neckline. I did a social media survey of men and women I know to see what they think of red lipstick. I sent the results to a psychologist who helped me find out which girls love red lipstick and whether it is possible to seduce men with it.

What do women think of red lipstick?

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I myself for a very long time bypassed red lipstick: I have a classic baby face, and even at thirty it seemed to me that with it I look like a girl who rummaged through her mother’s cosmetic bag. But suddenly I found my shade of red – and away we go. Now I go with red lipstick almost every day, and it doesn’t matter if I went to the store for bread or went to a presentation.

So I feel much more confident. Red lipstick, like an invisible haute couture dress, frames the look. With my signature shade, I look organic, not defiant, and the reflection in the mirror always makes me happy.

By the way, men began to get acquainted with me more often. As I found out from the survey, many girls wear red lipstick, and not necessarily in order to seduce guys.

“Yes, my God, red lipstick it’s just red lipstick. I wear it every day and I’m absolutely not worried, to whom it seems that the scarlet lips are designed to make a man think about the excited labia, ”Karina wrote to me in the comments to the post.

She was echoed by Irina, who believes that red lipstick is simply designed to change the image: “Red lipstick adds sexuality and brightness to the image, and some of its shades well-groomed efficiency, provided that the girl is wearing glasses and a classic suit. Red lipstick is very different in character. But there is certainly more sex in it than in pink lipstick.

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Red lipstick is chosen not only to give themselves confidence, it turns out that as many as three types of women are greedy for it.

“First type confident girls. They want to emphasize their sexuality, to attract attention. Second type girls who are naturally shy, but use red lipstick as a beacon that speaks of sexuality and self-confidence. Third type business women. For them red lipstick part of the image. It is used only to attract attention: the sexual aspect is not provided for, ”concludes Olga Romaniv, a psychologist, author of books, creator and head of the Classics of Relations marriage agency.

Some girls want to wear red lipstick, but they cannot perceive themselves adequately in it, like, for example, my colleague Polina, who wrote the following in a survey: “Red lipstick is fire. But I sometimes remind myself of a corrupt woman in her.

“It happens: a woman is embarrassed by red lipstick or even afraid to apply it, even when this color suits her. This speaks both of undeveloped sexuality, the denial of their feminine aspects, and self-doubt. Feeling like a fallen woman while wearing red lipstick is a subconscious program based on stereotypes in our society. Red lipstick is perceived by some as a symbol of sexual freedom and promiscuity, as if we were in the Middle Ages. Therefore, in girls brought up on such cliches, it causes subconscious fear, ”says Olga.

What do men think of red lipstick?

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If girls’ opinions about red lipstick almost converge, then men, judging by the survey, differ, and the contrast is sharp. But in general, fatal lipstick attracts them, as well as a deep neckline.

“I always pay attention to women with red lipstick. You know, maybe I injure your childish psyche, I look and imagine, yes, I imagine what she can do with these lips, ”friend Andrei wrote to me. By the way, this young man is a hunter in a free search.

“I met my future wife when she was wearing red lipstick, and now I don’t remember what attracted me more: red lipstick or infectious laughter,” wrote colleague Roman next.

“Men, for the most part, react to red lipstick adequately: the beacon of sexuality is read. Red lipstick this is a bright aspect that speaks of passion,” notes Olga Romaniv.

But there are also exceptions to the rule. For example, my PR friend Sasha is more attracted not by makeup, but by the neckline: “I don’t pay attention to lipstick. I don’t know about other men, but I don’t notice if the lips are made up or not. Important for me voice timbre. In fact, girls put on make-up for themselves and other women, most men do not notice lipstick. A neckline no comments, no comparison with the make-up.

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The psychologist replies that this is the norm. Moreover, red lipstick may not attract, but rather repel some men from you, unlike the neckline.

“Red lipstick is afraid of insecure men. Such individuals, noticing a woman with red lipstick, will think: is the game worth the candle, will they cope with such a woman, will she be interested. Like we said, red lipstick this is a hint that a woman has a character. Not every man is ready for a relationship with a confident woman who knows her worth. A huge number of representatives of the stronger sex are obviously looking for relationships with “simpler” girls. So, red lipstick can not only attract, but also scare away gentlemen. But the neckline, as they say, is fishing for live bait, ”says Olga.

How to learn to perceive yourself in red lipstick

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If you do not want to see a weak man next to you, dream of walking in red lipstick, but suffer from stereotypes, there is a way to get rid of them and, finally, acquire the forbidden fruit.

To get started, choose your tone, use lipstick for a while only at home and look at yourself in the mirror more often to get used to the new image.

“Later, try to go out in a new way to people. If the feeling of timidity is still present, take a friend who really loves you and will always support you for company. The best option is if there is a man next to you who shares your views and desire to be beautiful and sexually attractive, ”advises Olga Romaniv.

How to wear red lipstick

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Many girls, having appreciated red lipstick, generally use only one of them in makeup or build the whole image around it.

“Red lipstick is makeup in itself. It is enough to draw eyebrows, apply tone and lipstick and you can go to capture a small European country, ”Karina wrote to me in the comments to the post.

But in order to prepare for conquest, it is important to find your red color and integrate it correctly into the image. How to do it, advises Anton Zimin, the leading make-up artist of M.A.S in Russia and the CIS countries.

Focus on skin tone

Match your lipstick shade to your skin tone. If the skin tone is slightly pinkish, then lipstick should be with pinkish undertones, lipstick with a warm undertone is suitable for olive skin.

Photos: catrice, Yves Rocher, Holika Holika, Maybelline New York

1. Catrice Ultimate lipstick. 2. Lipstick Grand Rouge Mat Yves Rocher. 3. Matte lipstick Heartful Chiffon Cream Lipstick Holika Holika. 4. Lipstick Color Sensational Shine Compulsion Maybelline New York.

Choose lipstick by texture

It is important to choose the right not only the color of lipstick, but also the texture. It is she who influences the image. In addition to the classic matte textures, there are modern metallic ones, as well as tints (which give a very natural effect) and the latest development. powdery textures. This lipstick gives a rich color, but absolutely soft on the lips.

Photo: Givenchy, Erborian, Eveline

1. Lipstick Le Rouge Mystic Glow Givenchy. 2. Tint for lips Sweet Cherry Color Pen Erborian. 3. Lipstick Eveline Aqua Trend Red Collection.

Adapt lipstick in makeup

Modern red “worn” with trendy makeup “no makeup” light tone, highlighted skin, natural eyebrows. Undoubtedly, it is necessary to focus on the dress code of the event for evening outings, you can add classic arrows to red lipstick, and even soft smoky eyes.

Photo: L’Oreal Paris, L’Arte del bello, Avon, Romanovamakeup

1. Lipstick L’arte. 2.Moisturizing Lipstick Color Riche L’Oreal Paris. 3. Mark Avon lipstick. 3. Romanovamakeup lipstick.


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