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Often jeans are torn in the most uncomfortable places, but you don’t want to spend money on new ones, because this pair has not yet become unusable. Do not worry! They can still be saved. After all, there is more than one way to sew up jeans so that they do not lose their appearance.

This can be done by hand or with a machine. The main thing is to choose the threads by color and be able to cope with the machine. If everything is done correctly, then the sewn place will not even be visible. If you have a tear along the seam, then you just have to sew one part of the pants to the other.

Manually it is better to sew up small holes. Attach a piece of fabric to the back of the jeans with clerical pins. Choose threads to match the pants and sew up the hole, while not forgetting to grab the fabric. After you’re done, don’t forget to trim off any excess lining.

This instruction is for those who do not know how to sew jeans between the legs by hand, and even so that it is not visible.

  1. Choose the right thread. The main thing is to choose threads not of the same color as the wiped area, but to match the jeans themselves.
  2. Jeans must be sewn from the inside out – remember this rule. Then your seams will be neater.
  3. Baste the hole with wide stitches so that its edges are pulled together. This will help in future work. Do not sew along the very edge, otherwise the frayed fabric will come apart again.
  4. Take a dublerin or stretch fabric and cut a patch out of it. Its size should match the area of ​​wear. Don’t think that the size of a patch has to be the size of a hole.
  5. Attach the patch to the wrong side and iron this area with an iron. Then the patch will “stick” to the jeans, which will help you in further steps.
  6. After you have secured the patch, turn the jeans inside out. All other actions you will perform from the front side.
  7. Thread the needle.
  8. Make a multilayer seam in place of the hole. Fasten the knot of thread in a tight area (not on a frayed area). Start sewing. The stitches should be made close to each other. After you have one row of stitches, you need to put the second and third on top.

Photo: 123RF/legion-media.ru

The hole in the knee is very noticeable. First, think about it – do your jeans with a hole in the knee look more fashionable than they were? Maybe they will have a new life?

If you do not like these jeans, then we will make a patch. You will need a piece of fabric of the same color for this. However, you can choose a darker patch if you want it to stand out (this is also fashionable now).

So, you need to put the fabric on the hole and stitch it on a typewriter.

Do not be upset if your sewn hole now looks ugly (although everything should have been imperceptible). It is still possible to correct the situation.

  1. Make a pattern of threads of a different color where the hole was. This will be a bright spot on your pants, which will look youthful.
  2. Attach the patch to the back of the jeans. Now your trouser leg will look like you bought trousers from a famous designer.
  3. Attach a patch with some picture in place of the hole. The people around will think that it was intended that way, and there will be no talk of any hole.

If you don’t want to part with these jeans at all, but you didn’t like any of the methods, the last step remains – to make shorts out of jeans. And what? Not a bad way! To do this, you will have to determine the length of the product that you want to end up with, and put marks on which you will cut them.

Next – you need to draw a line with chalk along which you will later cut the jeans. After you do this, do not forget to bend the edges of the resulting product so that the threads do not unravel. After you bend them and secure with pins, sew.

Although, on the other hand, you can leave everything as it is, because the sloppy edges of the pants are also in fashion now!


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