How to shave your armpits
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You don’t have to be a professional groomer to shave your armpits. Great wisdom. However, after the procedure, girls often have the problem of inflammation, cuts, and even ingrown hairs. Here are 5 tricks to help avoid negative consequences after shaving.

Prepare your skin

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The skin in the armpit area is quite thin and delicate. Therefore, before the shaving process, it must be prepared. Take a shower, so the pores will quickly open, and the hairs will soften. Scrub underarms to remove dead cells and lift hairs.

Don’t Forget the Foam

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The razor needs to provide a good glide. Soap is not suitable for this, and it dries the skin. Use a shaving foam or gel, preferably without fragrance (in case the skin is sensitive), with moisturizing ingredients in the composition. Apply the product in a thin layer.

Follow the razor

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Armpit hair grows in several directions, you need to shave against growth. From top to bottom, swipe at the top of the armpit, at the bottom from bottom to top. Try to run the razor over the area once to minimize the risk of irritation. Move slowly so you don’t cut yourself. After the procedure, be sure to thoroughly wash the razor so that bacteria does not multiply on it.

Use razors, not disposable razors. The latter, as a rule, have initially blunt blades, the head is not movable, does not follow the contours of the armpit, unlike razors with floating heads and replaceable cassettes. Try to change cassettes more often, because the blades become dull and they can contribute to ingrown hairs.

Treat your skin after shaving

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To avoid irritation and ingrown hairs, after shaving, apply a soothing and healing cream to the skin. It is best that the composition contains panthenol and aloe vera. Aloe vera products are usually gel-based, they cool down a little, removing redness.


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