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We all need a magic wand in the form of a mirror with the function of Photoshop or an iron that smoothes wrinkles. But, unfortunately, these devices do not exist in nature.

To smooth out wrinkles using the express method, you need to sign up for injections, hardware procedures, and in some cases plastic surgery.

But we offer you an easy, bloodless way to erase them with makeup.

Get to know the primer

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If you do not know, then this is the fashionable name for the base for makeup, that is, what is applied before foundation.

The base contains silicones that fill wrinkles, visually smoothing the skin.

1. Loose mineral powder Mineral Wear physicians formula. 2. Foundation with lifting effect Liftactiv Flexilift VICHY. 3. Bueno face cushion. 4. Universal cream highlighter Sexy Glow Skin Perfector Romanovamakeup.

Do not be afraid that silicone will clog pores. Firstly, it has a large-cell molecular structure and it simply will not pass into the pores, and secondly, volatile silicones are used in makeup products, which lie on the skin with a mesh through which it can breathe calmly.

Choose the right foundation

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In general, in the case of wrinkles, it is preferable to have a foundation, rather than a powder. The latter is clogged into folds and emphasizes them even more, and does not mask.

1. Instant Eraser Marvel x Maybelline New York Multifunctional Concealer. 2. Ultra-dense foundation ULTRA COVERAGE Make Up Factory. 3. Primer Origins. 4. PP Erborian face primer.

Therefore, foundation or, okay, cream powder, will do. It is desirable that the product contains moisturizing ingredients, they smooth the skin well, as well as light-reflecting particles. Like Photoshop, they scatter light and mask wrinkles.

Use concealer

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To point mask the flaws, stock up on concealer. This is a real lifesaver. Think for yourself: it covers bruises under the eyes, hides pimples of any severity, masks wrinkles.

1. Lifting primer with Mixit peptide complex. 2. Primer Blur Lumene. 3. Cream Concealer Stellary. 4. Corrective concealer-camouflage Liquid Camouflage Eveline.

It is important that the kosniker has a moisturizing effect and reflective particles.

Apply foundation correctly

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In order for the foundation or concealer to spread evenly and mask imperfections, it is better to drive them in with a damp sponge or beauty blender.

Do contouring

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The main rule of makeup says: we highlight everything that we want to show, we darken everything that we want to hide. Now this method is called face contouring. After you have worked your face with foundation and concealer, you can create a plastic effect. Take a dark powder (2 shades darker than skin tone) or a creamy contouring product from the palette.

Apply along the cheekbones, on the forehead along the hairline, on the nose (tip if it is long, along the wings if it is wide), under the chin, blend everything with a sponge.

So visually you will hide the cheeks, make your face fit, eliminate imperfections. The main thing is not to make these mistakes in contouring.

Use translucent powder

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In case you have oily skin and a shiny face, mask the problem with loose translucent powder. It is finely dispersed, does not clog into folds and does not emphasize wrinkles.

Don’t forget blush

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This product is often overlooked, and in vain. Blush is indispensable in anti-aging makeup. With age, the blush fades, and it has a magnetic rejuvenating effect. Remember at least the faces of girls from the cold, they look young and perky.

Therefore, be sure to apply blush on the apples of your cheeks, shading to the temples. From the shades in the top rejuvenating peach and pink.

Avoid Shimmer

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In eye makeup, avoid shadows with sparkles, shimmer or metallic, they emphasize the wrinkles on the eyelids, focus on wrinkles around the eyes.

It is best to highlight the inner corner of the eyes with the help of such shadows to make the look more open.

Choose the right eyeliner

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To raise the eyelid, visually divert attention from wrinkles, you do not need to draw arrows in the style of Cleopatra.

Choose a brown pencil, it looks natural, emphasize the growth line of only the upper eyelashes, smoothly drawing the line just beyond the contour of the eyelid. If you want a more dramatic option, then with the help of brown shadows, swipe along the arrow and blend a little.

Curl your eyelashes

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Before applying mascara to lift them, paint only the upper lashes. Tinted lower lashes cast a shadow on the lower eyelid, emphasizing wrinkles.

Correct your eyebrows

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Do not allow “thickets” or strings. Be sure to do makeup on your eyebrows to make them stand out. As we wrote here.

Take care of your lip makeup

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Be sure to exfoliate the skin of the lips so that lipstick, especially bright, lays down evenly. With age, the contour of the lips is slightly blurred, and the lips themselves lose volume. To fix this, sweep the concealer just above the lip line, then highlight the line with a lip pencil and apply lipstick.

Avoid bright red shades, wine, plum, they drive in age. Choose shades that are slightly brighter than the color of your lips. If you want more colors, pay attention to the berry and peach palette of lipsticks.

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