Who hasn’t tried to solve a Rubik’s Cube at least once? At first glance, the task seems simple – to collect all the faces by color. But in reality it turns out that this is not so easy to do. It’s all because the Rubik’s Cube is a mathematical puzzle. To solve it, you will have to use special rules.

Interestingly, this magic cube won the hearts of not only children, but also millions of adults. Today, there are about 500 million copies worldwide.

Important! If suddenly you drop a Rubik’s cube and it crumbles, do not rush to collect it quickly. The correct arrangement of flowers is important. Otherwise, the erroneous arrangement of the faces will lead to the fact that the Rubik’s cube cannot be solved. Do not neglect this factor.

Stage 1. They say about the New Year, how you start it, you will spend it. Same with the Rubik’s Cube. How we start collecting it depends on whether we end up collecting it or not.

One of the popular techniques is Chamomile. When you have a center (middle), for example, blue, and 4 faces are green petals. But be careful that the flowers are strictly opposite faces. For example, white and yellow or red and orange. Other options will be incorrect. We collect on the top surface of the cube.

How to assemble. The middle is easy to choose – any that you like. But the petals are more difficult. There are 5 options:

1. When we just need to raise the right or left edge up.

2. The rib must be lifted up 2 times.

3. We see that the blue “petal” is looking at us, but if we lift it up, then the one that is already standing in place will leave. However, there are no “petals” on the other sides. In this case, we rotate the upper front until the desired “place” matches the side of the “petal”. And we raise our “petal”. Total: we put a place, we put a “petal”.

4. The desired color looks at us, but if we raise it, then everything will shift. To do this, we make the “Front” movement – we turn our face, which looks at us, to the right (or left). It turns out option number 3. We do the same.

5. It happens that the “petal” is below and looks at us. Let’s do the front. Substitute our element. And then we return the past to the place where the “petal” stood before.


Stage 2. Now select any side face. For example, with a red center. We make the square in the middle in the upper front (line) also become red. And we rotate our face two times to the right or to the left so that it goes down. We do the same with the remaining 3 side faces. If everything is done correctly, then on the underside of the cube you will get the correct green cross.

Stage 3. We are looking for corners where there is still green. Found one. Its neighbors are red and yellow. Green remembered and so far left. We are looking for red and yellow centers. The place of this corner will be where these centers are. We put our corner as close as possible to its correct place. Now we twist the “Bang-Bang” formula.

The magic formula “Bang-Bang”. Up – left – down – right. To do this, we turn the right column up. Then turn the upper front (top line) to the left. Right column down. And the top front to the right. If you repeat it 6 times, then the cube will be collected again. She will help you more than once in difficult situations.

We do it until the corner falls into place. We do the same with other corners. Sometimes you can not finish the formula to the end, if necessary. Please note that in the corners all colors must match with the centers of the faces. We have collected not only the green face, but also the first layer by color. If the corners are out of place (they do not match the color of the edges), then we again make the Bang-Bang formula.

Stage 4. Here we need the formula “Bang-bang” only for the left column. And it will sound “up – right – down – left.” Now we are working with edges where there is no blue color. Because he is responsible for the third layer. And we are on the second. We look at any edge. We see, for example, that it has 2 colors orange and yellow. We are looking for the yellow center. If he is on the right, then we do the right bang-bang. If left, then left. Repeat this with all edges.

Stage 5 We collect the third layer. There are 2 main scenarios.

1. A straight blue line (or any other color) has formed in the center. It is important to hold the cube in your hands so that it is at the top horizontally. We make a “front” – we turn the face that looks at us, once to the right. And we do the right bang-bang. Then “front” back – turn left once. It turns out a blue cross.

2. We have half a cross: the center and 2 edges – petals. We hold the cube in our hands so that our half-crosses resemble the location of the hands of the clock at 9 pm. We make the front to the right, the right “Bang-bang” and the front back. We repeat the formula again. It turns out a blue cross.

Stage 6 We complete the elements using the formula “up – left – down – left – up – right – right – down – left”. We change the corners using the “Bang-Bang” formula.

Stage 7. Thus, we were able to solve a 3 * 3 Rubik’s cube.

3 simple techniques will help you.

Technique No. 1. Turn the sides “down (right column) – left (lower front) – up (right column)”

Technique number 2. Rotate the face that looks at us once to the right. The lower front is also to the right. Then the edge that looks at us to the left.

Technique number 3. Rotate the faces “down (right column) – 2 times to the right (lower front) – up (right column – right (lower front) – down (right column) – left (lower front) – up (right column)”. You can do it symmetrically the same only with the left column.

1. We collect squares 2 by 2 on each side of the cube.

2. In pairs, we place cells of other colors near the edges.

3. We collect the same way as a 3 by 3 cube.


It is not as difficult to assemble as it seems at first glance. The colors of the sides have already been determined, the design itself is very similar to a 3 by 3 cube. Therefore, we assemble it in the same way. The only difference is that we collect not in layers, but from the center to the edges. When we rotate the outer faces, the inner ones stay in place. Then it remains to deal with the corners and you’re done!

The plan to follow when solving a 3 by 3 Rubik’s Cube.

1. We collect the cross (you can use the “chamomile”).

2. We make sure that it is correct.

3. We build the second layer using the bang-bang technique.

4. Line up the corners.

5. Finishing the third layer.


By Yara

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