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We wrote a lot about skin care, and even made separate instructions for men. But in the case of the stronger sex, they have not yet paid attention to the owners of beards and mustaches, who are now at the height of fashion. But the owners of “vegetation” on the face need to select funds with special care. It is important that both the skin is healthy and the beard and mustache look neat. How not to “lose” face Ivan Gavrilyuk, Redken Brews Ambassador.

What cleansers to choose for bearded men

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When choosing a cleanser, consider the length of the beard. If it is not very long, then you can use the usual gel for washing. With a bristle length of more than 25 mm, it is worth adding beard oil (apply it after washing). And if the beard is longer than 30mm, buy a separate beard shampoo and combine it with your cleanser.

1. Shampoo for beard and hair phenomenal got2b. 2. Cleansing gel for beard ROYAL BARBER. 3. Oil for beard and mustache care Hyaluronic Librederm.

Do bearded men need peeling?

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Many people overlook the procedure of deep cleansing, believing that the beard and mustache will hide all the flaws of the skin. In fact, the dermis requires careful care. Under the beard, the process of cell exfoliation slows down. Therefore, peeling for bearded men and owners of mustaches, including in the vegetation zone, must be done without fail. This is necessary so that the skin is renewed, inflammation does not appear due to the growth of the shell of dead cells and clogged pores, and the dermis remains elastic.

How to care for the face of the owners of a beard and mustache

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In facial care, use an arsenal for skin and beard. Choose a cream based on the type of dermis, for the care of a beard and mustache, connect special oils, styling gels, balms. And to keep your beard looking neat, do not forget to visit a professional barber.

1. Hair and beard styling gel Barber Lab Faberlic. 2. Softening beard oil “Juniper” L’Occitane. 3. Beard and Skin Redken Brawes oil.


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