How to take care of your skin according to your menstrual cycle
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Surely you have noticed that depending on the cycle, our skin looks different. At one point, it pleases with a healthy blush, even relief, radiance and the absence of inflammation. In the other, it suddenly becomes dull, blooms with acne.

Hormones are to blame for everything, which in different phases affect the “mood” of our dermis. How to properly care for the skin on the menstrual cycle to avoid problems, she told us Maya Zhmareva, cosmetologist, dermatovenerologist, Verba clinic Mayr.

About cycle phases

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Contrary to popular belief, the cycle has only two phases. The first follicular period lasts from the onset of menstruation to ovulation. These days, estrogens dominate the body, they affect the maturation of the follicles and prepare the woman’s body for ovulation and successful conception.

The second phase is luteal. It lasts from the moment of ovulation until the beginning of the next period. During this period, progesterone dominates the body, which forms a new follicle in place of the burst one. At the end of this phase, before menstruation, there is a second surge of estrogens against the background of a gradual decrease in progesterone levels.

How to care for the skin, considering the phases

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Depending on the days included in the phase of the cycle, you need to select a certain care.

1 to 7 days

Menstruation occurs. The body in the power of prostaglandin is experiencing a great load. The skin becomes sensitive, which is why all sorts of massages and depilation are now canceled. The dermis looks dull because blood circulation slows down, for owners of oily skin during this period there is an obvious plus – the production of sebum is reduced. But the owners of dry can begin to suffer from dryness and peeling.

one. Moisturizing face wash with aloe vera Himalaya. 2. Cream Hydratskin Light Darphin. 3. Day care cream Neovadiol VICHY. 4. Mattifying Cream Beauty-Rituals Bio Vegan Eveline.

What to do: add more nourishing and moisturizing products to your care, as well as cosmetics that improve blood circulation. These are products with hyaluronic acid and plant extracts, vitamin C, antioxidants.

Day 7 to 11

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The body actively produces estrogen, increases the level of serotonin and improves mood. The skin pleases us at this time with elasticity and a healthy look.

1. Serum for the face Anew Vitamin C Avon. 2. Micellar water “Extreme hydration” Black Pearl. 3. Skyn Iceland Vitamin C Mask. four. Antioxidant skin renewal serum VITAMIN C10 La Roche-Posay. 5. Face cream “Juniper” Mi & Ko.

What to do: this time is created for various cosmetic procedures – from peeling, epilation to cleansing and resurfacing, because sensitivity to pain decreases. In skin care, use the same cosmetics with antioxidants and moisturizing agents.

From 12 to 16 days

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Ovulation occurs. At the same time, collagen continues to be actively produced, and the pores narrow. True, during this period there are those who suffer especially, namely the owners of oily and combination skin, because rashes appear in the T-zone. This is due to the increased work of the sebaceous glands under the influence of estrogen.

1. Acne Control Professional salicylic face lotion. 2. Mask “Absolute hydration” Swiss Image. 3. Serum with vitamin C Double Dare double dare OMG. four. Ultra-moisturizing serum Hydra Vegetal Yves Rocher. 5. Phyto Flash Serum Spray.

What to do: cleanse your skin well, use products with fruit acids. They cleanse and dry inflammation. For rashes, use point action products. Usually they contain drying and antibacterial components, for example, rosemary, salicylic acid.

From 17 to 24 days


The level of progesterone and testosterone rises. And if the owners of dry and normal skin types continue to look attractive, then the situation looks different with oily and combination skin. The excess production of sebum continues, the pores expand, and new rashes make themselves felt.

one. Serum Vineactiv Caudalie. 2. Moisturizing body lotion Barnangen. 3. Tonic-energizer that gives radiance to the skin Beauty Visage. four. Cleansing tonic against blackheads “Pure Skin” Garnier. 5. Serum with AHA-acids and vitamin C Cell C Renewall S+ Summe Cosmetics.

What to do: keep using antibacterial cosmetics, do not forget to moisturize the skin well. Anti-inflammatory drugs can greatly dry out the dermis, and it will respond in the form of stronger sebum production.

From 25 to 28 days

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Estrogen and progesterone levels start to drop. Often this is accompanied by swelling of the body and face, depression, weakness. Rashes continue to appear, at the same time the skin may begin to dry and peel off.

1. Purifying clay mask Skin And Pore Zero Mellow Clay Mask Holika Holika. 2. Elixir Jeunesse Yves Rocher Cleansing Gel 3. Mi&Ko anti-acne face mask. four. Regenerating serum with elastin Elastine Vitamine C Serum Supreme Jeunesse Repechage.

What to do: Moisturize and nourish the skin well, while using products with acids and vitamin C.


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