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In spring, a scarf is an indispensable accessory. This option will look great outdoors with a coat or jacket, and indoors with both turtlenecks and sweaters or crew-neck pencil dresses.

Classics of the genre

At first glance, this is the easiest way to fit a scarf into a business look, but for some reason it has been forgotten by many, but in vain. This method is very practical and easily gets along with both strict jackets and more relaxed options, for example, with a turtleneck and a vest.

Choker scarf

This method is very fond of office workers, and for many it is even prescribed in the dress code, for example, for flight attendants. In this case, the scarf resembles a choker and will help out when the jewelry is out of place, but you want to decorate yourself somehow.

A scarf as a decoration

Similar to the previous version, but more elegant. It is easy to turn a scarf into a real decoration – it is enough to know the right way. For example, you can easily make a flower out of a scarf.

Thanks to Radical Chic, Max Mara Group and Ice Models for helping us organize the shoot.


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