Recent calculations have shown that Apple smartphones rank first in popularity in Russia – and most often they buy the iPhone XS model. And since the number of phones is growing, the number of requests for solving problems with them is also growing. After all, every owner of an “apple” device at least once during its use in a panic faced the question “How to unlock an iPhone if I forgot the password?”.

But before we figure out how to unlock an iPhone if we forgot the password, let’s figure out what threatens us by entering the wrong password and the lock itself?

So, after the sixth incorrect password entry, the iPhone is blocked for 1 minute, after the seventh incorrect entry – for 5 minutes, after the eighth and ninth – for 15 and 60 minutes, respectively. And after the tenth anniversary iPhone will require you to connect yourself to your own computer. In addition, all future phone recovery operations will need to be carried out only through an Apple computer. Also, all data from the phone will be deleted from the phone. This will not happen only if you disable the “Erase data” option in the settings. How to fix the situation – return the data or at least unlock the device?

The easiest way to do this is to reset the invalid input attempts count. You can do this on a computer with which the iPhone has been connected at least once via USB. However, unlocking the device if you forgot the password just won’t work – you need to remember it.

1. Connect your phone and computer.

2. In the “Devices” section, select “Sync with” and then click on your device.

3. After that, click the cross at the top of iTunes. Are you sure you remember the password? Enter it.

By the way, resetting the password account and unlocking the iPhone, if you forgot the password, will not work through someone else’s computer. It will not work and restore it to factory settings.


If you enter the wrong password more than 9 times, the system will turn off the device and delete its contents. The main loss of the owner of the phone is his data and access to the phone. Your foresight and the iTunes application will help restore them. You will need an authorized computer.

1. Connect your iPhone to your computer and launch iTunes.

2. On some devices, a forced reboot starts after pressing “+” and then “-” and holding the side key. So there will be a recovery system. On other models, it will appear after pressing the side key and “+” or after selecting “Home” and the top or side button.

3. Select “restore phone”. After downloading the software, agree to use the backups.

The next method will again require your foresight – but will not require an authorized computer. Choose any device with Internet access and try to unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password via icloud. It will definitely work if before that you turned on the “Find my phone” option on your phone, connected it to the network and remembered its ID.

1. Enter your Apple ID on iCloud.com.

2. Open your phone in the “All devices” item.

3. Click “Erase iPhone”. All data, of course, will be deleted, but it will be unlocked, which means that the task of unlocking an iPhone if you forgot your password is completed via icloud!

4. If possible, connect to iTunes – find a backup copy there.


Highlight and remember a few security rules that will help you not only unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password, but also prevent such a situation.

Always keep your iPhone password on several separate media. Stressful situation, rare use of the device and many other reasons can lead you to the problem of unlocking an iPhone that you have locked by entering the password incorrectly more than 9 times. But if there is a note with a written password in your wallet or pocket, locker or cosmetic bag. Write only the password without signing what device it is from and keep such notes separately from the iPhone.

Do not set one password for several devices. With the same password, forgetting it, you lose access to your phone, computer, tablet, and therefore the ability to restore them. After all, as you may have noticed, many ways to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password are associated with other devices. So, if you don’t want problems with your devices, assign a separate password to each. And don’t pick a sequence like “123” or personal dates!

Do not let children play with your iPhone. A dozen random clicks on the phone screen – and now you are scoring in the search engine “how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot the password” – although you yourself know the password very well. Do not allow this ridiculous and funny, but offensive situation.

Create backups! It is very important. Remember to save information from your phone to different devices and save their pairings. Especially if you have already encountered problems with your iPhone. It is possible to unlock the phone if you forgot the password, but it is almost impossible to recover information from it without copies.

If the situation where you are wondering “how to unlock an iPhone if you forgot your password” has already occurred, do not panic and do not run to a service center. Perhaps your problem is solved at home, quickly, easily and for free!

We hope our methods will help you unlock your iPhone if you forgot your password.


By Yara

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