Having received a beauty blend as a gift – a make-up sponge in the shape of an egg of bright pink color, now I cannot imagine life without it. It was love at first sight. He moved most of the brushes from my collection, did not replace everything, but noticeably “cleaned up” the makeup bag.

With it, and only with it, you can apply a foundation without streaks, create a coating from super-dense to a light veil, without the effect of a mask. And how convenient it is to do face contouring with a sponge, chiseled cheekbones, like the Kardashians, are obtained at a time. But who knows, he will understand me.

Now there is a lot of competition among sponges on the market, the beauty blender has got twins and brothers (in the form of emoticons, a diamond, orange slices), which work on the same principle. Why you should also have a sponge, we tell in detail.

What is a makeup sponge


Sponge, no matter what shape or size it is, is essentially a porous sponge. It is used for applying both dry and creamy textures. For example, blush, foundation, highlighter, concealer, etc.

Sponges are made from different materials, you can find them from latex, cotton wool, cellulose, but the most popular ones are from foam rubber. Perhaps this is the most versatile material. With it, you can apply funds in any texture, while both wet and dry. Wet method of application gives a more transparent coating, dry – dense.

You can find sponges in different shapes. They are round (for tonal foundations), triangular (working out the nasolabial folds, the area around the eyes). The most common and replicated form is in the form of an egg. Such a sponge is a master of all trades, it will easily apply a tone, and “hard-to-reach places”, like the wings of the nose, will work.

How to use makeup sponge

To get started, choose how you want to apply the funds. If dry, then immediately proceed to action, if wet, then first hold the sponge under the tap, wring it out well, then proceed to makeup.

Squeeze the foundation onto the back of your hand the size of a 10 ruble coin, dip the sponge in the foundation.

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Distribute the product with stamping movements along the massage lines. If you, like I have an egg-shaped sponge, use the “ass” to apply tone around the perimeter of the face, the sharp part to distribute the product along the wings of the nose, under the eyes.

Although, personally, I apply the tone, using only the pointed part, it takes longer, but more thoroughly.

How to care for a sponge


Sponge is constantly in contact with the face. As a result, particles of dead skin, products of the sebaceous glands, which are mixed with tonal products, settle on it. Taken together, the ideal home for bacteria is obtained, where they can multiply their army.

Therefore, do not forget to wash the soft after each use. Easy to care for – apply liquid soap to the sponge, lather, rinse under the tap. Then wring it out, but not like underwear, stretching it in different directions (you can tear it that way), just press it a few times, and put it to dry on a towel or directly on the box in which it was sold.

By the way, do not throw it away, transport the sponge only in a case so that it does not pick up dirt from a bag or suitcase.

Despite the fact that you take care of the sponge, it wears out, so it is worth changing it every two months.


By Yara

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