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Don’t go to bed with a wet head

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Wet hair is very vulnerable. Water changes their molecular structure, makes them elastic, brittle. Therefore, if you go to bed with a wet head, you can easily find part of your hair on the pillow in the morning. What’s more, by burying your wet head in the pillow every night, you can stimulate the process of falling out.

Wrap your hair in a scarf

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wake up with nest» on the head is possible not only after a night spent with a passionate lover. People generally tend to change positions and position in a dream (almost like in sex). This night “dance” is also reflected in the hair. If you leave them in free flight, in the morning do not be surprised at the tangles and “roosters” that appear on your head, which are difficult to comb.

In the 16th century, in order to wake up in the morning with a beautiful hairdo, ladies put a terrible sleep cap on their heads. By analogy, now, in order to facilitate the process of creating styling, it is better to fix the hair at night with a beautiful silk scarf, which, by the way, protects perfectly from static. Therefore, in the morning you will not see “connections with space” in the mirror.

Sleep on silk pillowcases

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If you don’t want to wear a scarf, get silk pillowcases. You will be “grateful” for this not only hair, but also skin. The fact is that cotton stretches it, and breaks the strands. Not without reason, all empresses chose silk bed linen.

Apply leave-in conditioner

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Just like our skin, hair also needs moisture. Dry hair is usually electrolyzed, breaks faster, it is these strands that have split ends, and they are also difficult to style.

To get perfect hair, train yourself to apply night care to your hair. For example, a special mask (however, it will need to be washed off in the morning), a leave-in conditioner and hair oil on the tips. It will not be superfluous to fix the effect by putting just a silk scarf on your head. It will help the components to be better absorbed into the deeper layers of the hair.

Make up for the night

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In order not to waste time laying in the morning, make her preparations for the night. Apply a leave-in conditioner or moisturizer to your hair, and then you have several options: you can wrap your hair in a bun and secure with a babals elastic, braid a loose braid or several, twist a few strands into a twist, securing with elastic bands (preferably soft, they are comfortable to sleep on ).

In the morning, dissolving this “beauty” you will get different variations of the waves – from a small demon to slight negligence.


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