Just as in the summer we change our wardrobe for light sundresses, putting away woolen sweaters, we need to take care of perfume sets. It is important that the fragrant “outfit” fits you well in the heat, does not cause a headache and does not irritate others.

What fragrances to choose in summer

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In summer, under the influence of heat, our sense of smell becomes more sensitive, and we perceive all smells more sharply. Therefore, those compositions that went with a bang in the winter, in the warm season, literally begin to choke and cause a headache.

In summer, it is better to abandon warm fragrances and switch to light compositions. In the heat, “perfumery outfits” of citrus, aquatic, and floral notes are clearly visible. Best of all, the image is beaten with floral chords of jasmine, peony, magnolia, freesia.

Do not forget about the most summer theme – berries, fruits (passion fruit, watermelon) and freshly cut grass. So, take all the flavors with berry smoothies, cocktails, perfumes in the “only after the rain” style on a pencil.

Woody notes are also consonant with summer outfits, they can even head the fragrances, but it is better to act in tandem with floral bouquets. These perfumes imitate the smell of awakened nature.

But aromas with obvious confectionery notes, patchouli, oriental spices are best avoided, they are too warm and will suffocate in their arms.

How to tailor a winter fragrance for summer

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If you can’t live without your favorite winter fragrance, then look for its relatives among the summer series. Luxury brands often make lighter versions of warm fragrances especially for hot seasons. They release limited editions marked – l’eau, fresh, cologne.

How to make fragrance last longer


All perfumes evaporate rather quickly in the summer, because the skin dries faster in the heat, and quenches thirst, literally, drinking aromatic oils from perfume. The biggest mistake you can make in this case is to pour toilet water from head to toe. You will smell from a kilometer away at first, which will scare others around, but this veil will quickly disappear.

To delay the perfume composition, it is better to do this: take a shower, apply a moisturizer (unscented or perfume-matched) to the body, and then perfume. Then the skin will restore its reserves due to the cream, not the perfume, and it will be with you all day.

What to do for those who can not wear perfume in the heat

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There is such a state when even the lightest perfume causes a headache in the heat. For those who are familiar with these sensations, but feel naked without fragrance, here are a few options: use a perfume body cream, use perfume oil, sprinkle your hair with a special aromatic haze (there is no alcohol, so it will not harm the strands).

Another option is to still apply perfume, but not on the neck or bends of the elbows, but under the knees. You will not feel it, and the aromatic plume will follow you.

The best fragrances for summer

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These fragrances will sit like a silk sundress and cool the ardor in the heat.

Armand Basi In Flowers

A composition of passion fruit, pear, bergamot, peonies, lilies of the valley, rose and vanilla describes a sunny summer on a tropical island.

Bohemian Romance Betty Barclay

If you are a fan of bohemian style (flares, fringes, tunics) or just a hippie living in your soul, this fragrance will complement the image. Fleur of mandarin, pear, pink pepper berries, lilies of the valley, jasmine, rose, musk about freedom, and for those who want to feel it.

Splendida Rose Rose BVLGARI

Aroma of notes of extract of guaiac wood, essential oil of rose, mandarin and white mulberry for romantic and freedom-loving persons.

DKNY Be Delicious

The sunny combination of green cucumber, grapefruit, magnolia, tuberose, white lily of the valley, rose and violet is a real summer cocktail.

Un Jardin Sur la lagune Hermes

This is not a fragrance, but a whole garden of Eden in a bottle. In his imagination, he draws notes of magnolia, pitosporum, lilies, sea and woody chords.

Jo Malone London Earl Gray & Cucumber cologne

Earl gray tea and cool crispy cucumber, surrounded by vanilla and musk, describe a warm evening at grandma’s cottage.

iris flora ID perfumes

A bouquet of irises combined with currant berries, lemon and grapefruit slices, patchouli and tonka beans is a real summer herbarium that will suit both day and evening looks.

Solo Ella Loewe

This fragrance is not just delicate, it is fragile, like a flower stalk. A real whirlwind of freshness, tenderness and romanticism. A delicate fleur of jasmine sambac, orange blossom, green tea, vanilla, amber, green apple, peach and bitter orange literally envelops you like a silk scarf. This perfume is just what you need in hot weather to cool the ardor.

Vanilla Vibes Juliette has a gun

Vanilla is at the forefront of this fragrance, but far from confectionery, so the perfume is ideal for summer. Roman Ricci toned down the vanilla with sea salt crystals, orchid and tonka bean. It turned out to be an exquisite and refined aroma, both to the feast and to the world.

Les Sorbets De Nina Ricci

The trio of famous apples is presented in a new summer format. This line of completely different refreshing sorbets. In the Nina perfume, cold caramel, pralines, tangerines, lemons, gardenias and jasmine sweetly beckon.

Bella is a frozen fruity nectar of green mandarin, grapefruit, rhubarb and pomegranate. They create a summer mood and transfer to hot tropical beaches.

Luna sorbet is a juicy pear, bergamot peel, jasmine, magnolia. They awaken like the first rays of the sun and dewdrops.

After the rain Vdohni

A real scent of nature after the rain, which is refreshing, invigorating and uplifting with notes of mint, fresh herbs, mate tea, jasmine and oakmoss.

Perfumery water Fee de la Fortune

This fragrance is unpredictable, like fortune and very playful. Green lemon, orange blossom, mandarin, jasmine, pear, licorice and vanilla play with notes and with the image of their owner. How you appear before others in a cloud of this fragrance depends on your mood.


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